“It was fantastic!”: The 2024 Drivers Recruitment Program test is a huge success

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series completed the second leg of the latest edition of the Drivers Recruitment Program, with eleven pilots taking part in the two-day discovery session at EuroNASCAR’s Fontenay Le Comte test track on February 29 and March 1st. The adverse weather conditions, with heavy rain hitting the area, didn’t discourage the organization and the drivers, who were all amazed by the great drivability and the pure sensations offered by the 400 horsepower EuroNASCAR car without any electronic aids.

At the same time, the EuroNASCAR organization put over 1000 Kms on the 2024 evolution package, further validating the improvements to the official European NASCAR car.

The eleven drivers that took the wheel in the latest 2024 Drivers Recruitment tests were the following: Matthias Beckwermert (GER), Andres Beers (BEL), Veeti Rajala (FIN), Max Marzorati (UK), Anthony Fournier (FRA), Bruno da Costa (BRA), Kelvin Hassell (UK), Daniel Boys (UK), Simone Giussani (ITA), Alessandro Bollini (ITA) and Marco Furiani (ITA).

Mentoring the new drivers in their first experience on a EuroNASCAR car were both EuroNASCAR President – CEO Jerome Galpin and Lux Motorsport driver Jack Davidson, who will chase the 2024 title in the EuroNASCAR 2 championship. “It was a brilliant two days as we met new possible drivers for the EuroNASCAR series, giving different tips and pointers. Not the easiest of days as both days were really wet, but everything ran smoothly,” the Scotsman said.

“It was fantastic!” said Matthias Beckwermert after testing the Pure Racing cars. “The guys have set up these cars beautifully and the track was nice and winding. We’ve had the weather, which was pretty interesting when we drove them for the first time but we built up a lot of confidence. Every driver I was with that I talked to loved the car and now it’s about us trying to find out how to handle these cars to get up with the lap times. It was great fun, the organization was fantastic and I’d love to come back!”

“It was a beautiful day to have my first drive in a NASCAR car!” commented 16-year old karting star Andres Beers from Belgium. “I felt really confident and fast on every lap that I turned, I learned from the feedback that the car gives. It’s challenging to drive in the rain, but I adapted very well. The car did a good job and I hope that I can test the car in dry conditions.”

“What a fantastic experience in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Driver Recruitment Program,” stated Max Marzorati, the talented up-and-coming driver from the UK. “As soon as you arrive at the circuit you are greeted by the warmth of the EuroNASCAR team, they make you feel comfortable and create a great friendly atmosphere amongst the drivers that makes you feel as if you have known everyone in the series for years. The noise shouts out real race cars, all the noise and vibrations that excite young boys and girls to get into motor racing in the first place.”

“The car is extremely fun to drive. It’s predictable and forgiving yet you really feel the immense power of the V8 engine as your car breaks traction and you slide in a controlled manner out of the corners and with no electrical aids you actually feel so at one with the car. It is Pure Racing as it is purely just you and the car, it is raw and pure. It truly is a great day and introduction to EuroNASCAR and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants a cost effective way to introduce themselves to this exciting and real pure racing series.”

The recent DRP session also gave EuroNASCAR the chance to further test the 2024 technical package that was announced on January 31st and will be introduced with the start of the new season. The evolution package includes revised front spindles and new rear springs for better drivability, new hood louvers for better engine compartment heat management and a new carbon air vent on the roof to facilitate cockpit cooling. With different drivers at the wheel, the EuroNASCAR organization completed In addition to the two DRP days at Fontenay, another full day of testing at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain. More than 1000 Kms were covered with different drivers and unanimous appreciation for the package.

Action in the 2024 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season will begin on April 13-14 with the season opening round at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. The series will visit seven of the best European circuits including the half-mile oval at Raceway Venray in the Netherlands, All races of Europe’s official NASCAR championship will be broadcast live on the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel and on a variety of television services around the world.