GMS Racing NCTS Race Recap: Richmond Raceway

Grant Enfinger, No. 23 Champion Power Equipment Chevrolet Silverado RST





Grant Enfinger and the No. 23 Champion Power Equipment team have officially advanced to the NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series playoffs and will fight for the series championship.

Post-Race Quote: “Yeah, I’m proud of this GMS Racing Champion Power Equipment No. 23 all year long, and man, they put in the effort tonight too. We just had a terrible performance, and there’s no way around it. We struggled with the handling yesterday, and I felt like we were going to make some big swings and was optimistic about today, but just never really had it. We weren’t really good on a short run, we weren’t really good on a long run. The best we could have happen would just be something to happen to where we could take advantage of the strategy. 

Just not a great performance for us, but I’m not letting it take away from the rest of our season at this point. These guys have worked harder than anybody out here; there’s been so much effort put in this truck. We’ve made some good calls, we’ve made some bad calls, but we’ve done it as a team. The playoffs start in a couple of weeks at IRP, we won there last year and there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.”


Rajah Caruth, No. 24 Camp Cultivation Chevrolet Silverado RST





Post-Race Quote: “We had a relatively clean and quiet night with our Camp Cultivation Chevy Silverado. We didn’t get the win that we needed to make it into the playoffs, but we’re going to some places that I’m confident we can go and run up front and contend for a win at for the rest of the year. We still gained some good spots for the points and I’m really proud of my group for not giving up on me and just doing a great job. We’ve got some really good opportunities to have some strong runs the rest of the season, and there’s no other group of guys that I’d rather do it with.”


Daniel Dye, No. 43 Bull & Boar Barbecue Shop / Chevrolet Silverado RST





Post-Race Quote: “Rough night here in Richmond, we struggled with the handling of our No. 43 truck until the last run. I made a mistake coming to pit road that cost us some spots in the finishing order. I’m thankful to have had the support of Bull & Boar Barbecue Shop,, GMS Racing, Team Chevy, and the rest of our partners. Overall, it was just a rough night but we’ve got to put it behind us and move on to the next race at IRP.”

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