Ty Majeski Wins Richmond Truck Race Pole

Ford Qualifying Results:

1st – Ty Majeski

4th – Ben Rhodes

8th – Matt Crafton

15th – Zane Smith

24th – Conner Jones

25th – Hailie Deegan

31st – Derek Lemke

35th – Christian Rose

36th – Josh Reaume


Ty Majeski, driver of the No. 98 Road Ranger Ford F-150, was the fastest in today’s practice and qualifying session at Richmond Raceway. He spoke to the media about winning the pole at this event for the second straight year.


TY MAJESKI, No. 98 Road Ranger Ford F-150 – THIS IS THE SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR YOU’VE WON THE POLE. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS TRACK? “It’s a short track. I’ve had a decent amount of success in my career on short tracks and this is a very slick one. It doesn’t have a lot of grip, so it just takes a lot ot discipline to get around. Even in qualifying you’re always lacking grip here, whereas other short tracks you can usually get some grip out of it for a few laps. This place it takes so much discipline that your initial reaction is to drive it as hard as you can in qualifying and you can’t do that. As long as you hit a good lap and your truck is decent you can make up a lot as a driver here and I feel like this place suits my driving style.”


YOU TOOK OFF LAST YEAR AT ABOUT THIS POINT. DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER RUN LIKE THAT IN YOU? “Yeah, definitely. I think a combination of a few things. There’s a lot of good racetrack for us in this stretch. Obviously, we go Richmond, IRP and then I guess my most home track on the schedule to Milwaukee, and then Kansas where we run really good at and we go to Bristol, a wild card, and Talladega and Homestead, which we won at last year as well, so it’s just a good stretch of races for us and I think throughout the season we’ve learned things. I know other teams have as well, but I feel like this time of the season is a little bit more spread out. We’re caught up as a race team and we’re all well rested for this stretch coming up and we’re excited to get going.”


IS WINNING THE POLE A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING CONSIDERING THE TRACK WILL BE 20-30 DEGREES COOLER TOMORROW? “It’s interesting you say that. I felt like we fought that a little bit last year and we came in just a little bit different package this year trying to learn what we did as the track transitioned from day to night last year. We were trying to be better during the race, but we made big adjustments for qualifying and we’re gonna go back on those and hopefully get set up for the night. We know what we missed last year. We feel like we’ve built that into our package and we’re able to go back to what set us on the pole last year. We kind of found a setup that allowed us to go both ways and I feel pretty good about how it will be as the track transitions tomorrow night.”


HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO START UP FRONT AT A TRACK LIKE RICHMOND? “This place, you can move around at. There’s typically not a lot of yellows here, just because the track is wide and has really low grip and we’re not going very fast, so naturally everything happens at a slower pace. There’s usually less chaos. I say that and we’ll probably have a chaotic race tomorrow night, but typically this race goes green and it’s hard to pass, just like anywhere in the Truck Series it’s hard to pass, so anytime you can get track position on a racetrack that has a tendency to go green is an advantage.”


DO YOU EXPECT IT TO BE MORE CHAOTIC BECAUSE IT’S THE REGULAR SEASON FINALE? “I don’t know. It’s just so hard to even get to – you can get to somebody’s bumper here, but everything is so slow pace. I don’t know. It’s really hard to say. Like I said, this race has had a lot of history of going green. I think we only had one natural caution last year. I don’t know. I don’t foresee it getting crazy because it’s a cutoff race. I think guys are gonna try and be smart just because this race, like I said, has a tendency to go green. If they do something risky to take themselves out of it, it’s hard to recover here just because of the lack of yellows. I don’t know that I really see anybody taking those types of chances.”


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