Ford Performance NASCAR: Zane Smith Pocono Accident Quotes

ZANE SMITH, No. 38 Birch Gold Group Ford F-150 – WHAT HAPPENED?  “I don’t really know who wrecked in front of me.  It was obviously just a matter of time with those weapons, but it’s just unfortunate.  I got hit right into it and it just caught on fire.  Our First Gold Ford was really fast.  We won both stages, so fortunately we had that.  It’s just a bummer we got put back there with those guys where we don’t belong.”

THE STRATEGY WAS TO GO FOR STAGE POINTS AND PLAYOFF POINTS?  “Yeah, unfortunately this race is really weird.  It makes no sense to me why the ARCA race is supposed to be longer than the Truck race, so you pit once and you decide when that’s gonna be – and once you get back there in dirty air it’s near impossible to pass, especially with all the squirrels we have in this series.  It’s just a bummer.  Fortunately, I did get those two playoff points, so that’s the positive for today.  We had a fast truck, just nothing to show for it.”


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