Decision of the National Motorsports Appeals Panel – Young Motorsports

The National Motorsports Appeals Panel today heard and considered an appeal of a safety penalty issued on May 18 and June 6, 2023 to crew chiefs Bradley Means, Joseph Lax and Andrew Abbott; owners Randall Young, Tyler Young and Rebecca Young; and drivers Chris Hacker, Spencer Boyd and Nick Leitz in the NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series. 


The penalty concerns the following sections of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book: Section 10.5.1 and Driver’s Window Net. The penalties issued were the loss of 25 championship points to each driver and owner and a $5,000 fine to each crew chief.


Upon hearing the testimony, the decisions of the National Motorsports Appeals Panel are:


  1. That the Appellant violated the Rule(s) set forth in the Penalty Notice.
  2. That the Panel affirms and upholds the original Penalty assessed by NASCAR.


In reaching the above decision, the panel provided the following explanation: “NASCAR showed the window net labels were visually and significantly different from the OEM new labels.”


The Appeals Panel members for this hearing:

  • Mr. Dixon Johnston
  • Mr. Tom Deloach
  • Mr. David Hall