GMS Racing NCTS Race Recap: North Wilkesboro Speedway

Grant Enfinger, No. 23 Champion Power Equipment Chevrolet Silverado RST





Post-Race Quote: “Overall, I’m just a little disappointed with our 10th place finish at North Wilkesboro. We had a pretty solid Champion Power Equipment Chevy; we fired off pretty close in the first stage, and got loose towards the end of it, but we were able to save a set of tires which helped us out strategy wise. I felt like after the first stint of the race we were a top-five truck on short runs and long runs. We got up to about fifth or sixth place and stayed there for most of the race, but on the second to last restart we got chucked pretty good and ended up top of three wide which let them all line up on the bottom and we ended up cycling out to 15th. 

We were able to scratch and claw our way back and finish 10th, but I’m a little bit disappointed because I thought we were for sure a top-five truck. Thankfully, we have a relatively clean truck and were able to learn a little bit about our short track package. We’ll probably take something a little different to a few of the other tracks moving forward. We had pretty solid speed in our Champion Power Equipment Chevrolet, but just didn’t end up the way we had hoped.”


Rajah Caruth, No. 24 Wendell Scott Foundation Chevrolet Silverado RST





Post-Race Quote: [Post-accident quote] We saw that dramatic onboard, it looked like you might have been full throttle. I know you are frustrated but what do you say to yourself to get ready for next week?

“Yeah, I mean you just gotta shake it off because these things happen, Jamie. We were trying to make the most out of our Wendell Scott Foundation Silverado and tried to pick up some spots there on that late-race restarts and just had nowhere to go. It stinks because we weren’t having the best of days but were just trying to make the most of it. I tried to check up, and then he hit the fence and looked like he lifted too. Really nowhere to go, but we’ll just keep digging and go to Charlotte next week and try to get some good results for the men and woman on our No. 24 team. I can’t say enough about them, everybody at GMS Fabrication, our body hangers, Mike, Maury, Ron, and my personal partners. We’ll keep digging.”


Daniel Dye, No. 43 Champion Container Corporation Chevrolet Silverado RST





Post-Race Quote: “It was an eventful day having some pit road troubles that ended up putting us two laps down. Then, we had a really good fight by everyone on the No. 43 Champion Container team. We kept getting our truck better throughout the day. Just put ourselves in good spots to fight our way to the front and ultimately ended up finishing 14th which is a great finish compared to what it could have been. I’m proud of what we salvaged, wish it would have been a little bit better, but we will focus on the positives and move onto Charlotte.”

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