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Ford Performance - NCTS Kansas 1 Post-Race Quotes

Ford Finishing Results:

3rd – Zane Smith

11th – Matt Crafton

12th – Hailie Deegan

16th – Ben Rhodes

19th – Johnny Sauter

24th – Josh Reaume

25th – Ty Majeski

27th – Mason Maggio

ZANE SMITH, No. 38 Love’s/Speedco Ford F-150 (Finished 3rd) – FROM THE FIRST TO LAST STAGE, YOU ENGAGED IN SOME INTENSE BATTLES FOR CONTENTION. WHAT CONTRIBUTING FACTORS HELPED? “There were a lot of people out there who shouldn’t have been out there. But, the pit crew did a fantastic job of always getting us track position. Just couldn’t really choose the right lane there, and that final restart, just probably should have protected the bottom a little bit better. Just didn’t think he was going to be able to clear me while we were wide-open. It is what it is. Fast forward: Kind of gave it to the No. 23 there.”


WHAT WAS THE PIT STRATEGY IN STAGE 1, WHEN YOU STAYED OUT DURING THE PIT CYCLE? “I don’t think we assumed that many people would come down. But, it worked out for us. I hate to see the other Ford have a bad day, Ty [Majeski]’s day. But, we fortunately capitalized on stage points and had a good day at the end of the day. So, it was a good points day.”


MATT CRAFTON, No. 88 Black Label Bacon/Menards Ford F-150 (Finished 11th) – “All-in-all, it was a pathetic day from the start – from practice, to qualifying 21st, to having an oil leak and going the wrong way on adjustments. We were off on the balance all night. It’s the worst we’ve ever been here at Kansas for whatever reason. We know we had a little bit of different stuff than we’ve had in the past. We’ll keep going. Keep fighting.”


HAILIE DEEGAN, No. 13 Dible Dough Ford F-150 (Finished 12th) – WHERE DOES THIS PERFORMANCE STACK-UP IN YOUR SEASON SO FAR? “Kansas has been one of those tracks that I’ve always liked. I’ve always felt pretty confident moving around here, and knowing what I need – how to start and finish it, and how the trucks transition at nighttime. I think it’s just because I’ve done a lot of races here compared to other tracks. Overall, I think we had a pretty solid day. I used up my stuff trying to race down the No. 16 and the No. 88. They were battling with each other, drawing one another back. I saw it as an opportunity for me to jump on it, and I used up my stuff a little bit getting there. Then, I got put behind a lapped car that was on the bottom, got sandwiched there, and lost my momentum. Just from there, I couldn’t get back to them. It wasn’t turning as well – a little worn out. It is what it is. Overall, pretty solid day. There were a lot of guys that weren’t able to finish that were in front of us in points. So, I think it was overall a good points day.”


BEN RHODES, No. 99 Bommarito Ford F-150 (Finished 16th) – WAS YOUR STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE REASSURING, LEADING 17 LAPS AND BATTLING FOR THE WIN? “We had a truck that could have won today. Our Bommarito Auto Group F-150 was phenomenal – one of the best trucks I’ve had all year. One of the best trucks I’ve had in a long time. So, we’re finding innovations with our notebook and this program, getting better and better. We showed a lot of strength tonight. It’s just a shame Kyle Busch knocked the wall down and involved us in… whatever that was. Ruined our night completely. There was nothing we could have done to avoid it. We were on the same strategy as the race winning team tonight, and as we were both coming through the field, he was in a different situation and I was in the wrong spot. When Busch lost control of his truck, it just collected us. What do you do, right? You think you’re following somebody who is going to be good and not wreck their stuff. We just can never seem to finish one of these out. It seems like no matter what, I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time. Focusing on the beginning of the race, we had a lot of strengths and even with the terrible finish, we were still able to explore things under pit-stops with the truck, and we can still notebook off of that. So, that is some good news.”


TY MAJESKI, No. 98 Road Ranger Ford F-150 (Finished 25th) – WHAT HAPPENED IN THE INCIDENT WITH THE NO. 24? “We had a good truck. We got back up front there with a little bit of strategy. Thought we may have made a wrong adjustment when we were racing the No. 24 there. He was ultra aggressive blocking. So, he blocked once, then twice, and I had a run and he was a little late.”


WHAT WAS CLICKING DURING YOUR STAGE 2 VICTORY? “Yeah, we weren’t very good the first run – missed our balance from practice a little bit, and we got a good adjustment and we had two-lap fresher tires than everyone else, which made the truck better. It was a combination of both things – having a little bit fresher tires, but also making those adjustments. Overall, I think we had a good, capable truck to win tonight. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

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