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Jake Crum Has License Fully Reinstated by NASCAR

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After intentionally wrecking FDNY Racing’s Ryan Ellis in an on-track incident at Charlotte, Jake Crum’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series license was revoked at tracks 1.25 miles in length and larger. However, during Speedway Digest’s “Speedy Digest” podcast, we have exclusively learned that Crum’s license has been restored at its full effect.

NASCAR officials, specifically NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Director of Competition, Chad Little, told Crum that he needed to race at Dover to regain his license at the larger tracks.

 “It was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, and we are on good terms now,” Crum said. “I spoke with him (Ellis) in Dover. I went up there to get reapproved to run at the mile and a half tracks because unfortunately – they took my mile and a half speedway license after that incident.”

“My initial reaction was that I had no idea what had happened. I didn’t know if I came up a little bit and he came down and it was a racing incident, but obviously the information that I got was that I got dumped. I went on the radio and was like ‘did we get turned?’ And you could hear me yell it on the broadcast. I kind of got dazed. I asked David Ragan (who was spotting for Ellis) if we got turned and he was like ‘yeah he hooked you.’ I was like ‘alright, who was it?’ I heard that from David Ragan and I was like ‘I’m going to go kill this guy’ (he joked). Luckily, at that point I hadn’t seen the video of what happened, so I was able to make a rational decision of how to handle it – walked out and gave him the ‘what for’ signal. I thought I saw some kind of hand gesture from him, but I don’t know,” Ellis said over-the-phone the day after the incident had taken place. 

Due to the unforeseen circumstances, Crum was able to piece a deal together with SS Green Light Racing to pilot the No. 07 truck at Dover in an attempt to regain his license at the larger tracks. However, after 52 laps, Crum’s day was completed as the engine expired on his Chevrolet Silverado.

 “The main oil line came off and leaked oil everywhere, so we weren’t eligible to finish the race. They told me it was enough and that I should stay out of trouble and just move forward.”

Even though he did not complete over half of the race, Crum had discussions with NASCAR to explain to them his side of the story, and apologized for his actions.  

“I am aloud to go back to the bigger tracks now. I actually went up and spoke with Chad Little and I gave a call to Brett Bodine and I told them that I had apologized for what had happened at Charlotte,” he said exclusively to Speedway Digest.

But even though his license is fully reinstated, Crum doesn’t have a ride – at least for now. When asked if he had any deals in place to race for the rest of the season, he could not comment. However, he did state that there have been talks with several companies to fund a program which would get him back on track.

The 22-year-old North Carolina native has 15 career starts in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series with a best finish of 13th at the Kentucky Speedway in 2012. 

Joseph Wolkin

Joseph Wolkin (@JosephNASCAR) is a sophomore at the Queensborough Community College as an English major. He’s a native of Whitestone, NY, just outside of New York City, and has been attempting to find roots of motorsports within his area since 2004. He started out as just a fan, but over the course of his high school career, he ended up falling in love with writing.

Joseph has been covering NASCAR since 2011 for several different websites. Recently, he was named as one of two lead NASCAR columnists for Rant Sports after working for the site for over one year. Working with Rant Sports for approximately 14 months, Joseph has covered New York City area sports teams such as the New York Giants, New York Mets, New York Rangers, New York Islanders and more.

Through his passion is for NASCAR, Joseph has adapted to changing times and realizes that he has numerous opportunities in the journalism work. As one of the top young sports writers, his goal is to become one of the top motorsports writers of this new digital media era. However, he also believes that it’s important to stick to the traditional routers of print publications after seeing his high school newspaper dissolve due to a lack of funding.

Currently, besides his duties with Speedway Digest, Joseph is a columnist with, and has a weekly article in NASCAR Pole Position's digital version - ROAR! Weekly Race Preview Magazine. 


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