Transcript: Corey Heim – 2.16.24

Q. Corey, they say that Daytona is being at the right place when it matters. You had a quiet night, made it up to the front. How did you make that happen?

COREY HEIM: I guess just not wrecking for the most part. First of all, I hope everyone is okay. That was crazy to see in my mirror. It looked bad.

Second of all, what an S-h-i-t show. That was crazy. I never avoided so many wrecks in my life. I can’t believe I have a clean truck. I’m not going to complain about it. It’s truck racing; it happens. Super proud of TRICON Garage and Toyota Racing.

Got a little bit of work to do for Talladega with the speed of this thing, but I thought the best strategy for me was to lay low and hopefully be there at the end, and we were, and looks like we came up one short.