Timothy Peters Bristol Motor Speedway Post Race Report

Bristol Motor Speedway has more nicknames than the other tracks. Nicknames like: 'Thunder Valley,' 'World's Fastest Half-Mile' and probably the most appropriate for Wednesday night's UNOH 200 - 'The Last Great Colosseum.' Appropriate because Timothy Peters in the No. 17 Parts Plus Toyota Tundra took on the role of a modern day gladiator as he battled his way around this demanding track, never giving up, and leading for most of the race. Due to the speeds attained at a track this short, the leaders very quickly find themselves driving in slower traffic. Peters captured the race lead on lap 63 and was determined to repeat his win at the half-mile. 

Once again, the Parts Plus Tundra pit crew was able to demonstrate the meaning of teamwork during the first yellow flag stop and maintain the lead with a four tire stop. A late race caution forced the Tundra team to make a last minute decision to stay out on track with less than 10 laps to go. On the restart, Peters suffered a fuel issue that was due to the high banking of the track causing the fuel to pool in the lower level of the tank during the slower speeds of a caution compared to the higher speeds' centrifugal force that pushes the fuel to the pickup point on the opposite side of the tank. In spite of this, Peters fought his way back through the field with seven laps to go. Peters battled for the lead all the way to the checkered flag spinning out as he captured the second-place finish. The second-place finish moves Peters up two positions in the driver point standings to fifth. 


Timothy Peters talks about his race at Bristol Motor Speedway:

"We definitely had the Parts Plus Tundra to beat tonight.  For some reason we knew we were good on fuel but it got away from the pick-up and on the next to last restart it just fluttered a lot.  I've done my share of saving it and I hated it for the guys at Red Horse Racing, but I was going for it.  It's either wreckers or checkers. I hate that we have a torn up truck - everybody at Red Horse Racing, thank you for the hard work."



Speedway Digest Staff

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