Adam Sinclair

Adam Sinclair

Adam has been a race fan since the first time he went through the tunnel under the Daytona International Speedway almost 30 years ago. He has had the privilege of traveling to races all across the state of Florida (as well as one race in Ohio), watching nearly everything with a motor compete for fame and glory, as well as participating in various racing schools to get the feel of what racecar drivers go through every week.  

Adam spent several years covering motorsports for, where he had the opportunity to see the racing world from behind the scenes as well as the grandstands. He invites everyone to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for all things racing with the readers of

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 Nitro Rallycross announced today the first wave of teams which will compete in the dynamic motorsport property’s 2022 global series. Seven race teams, from not only Rallycross but also INDYCAR and off-road racing across North America and Europe, have already committed for NRX’s inaugural worldwide championship next year including, Vermont SportsCarGRXDreyer & Reinbold RacingOlsbergs MSEXite RacingGood Times Racing and one additional team to be announced at a later date.


NRX 2022 will feature Rallycross’ first all-electric Supercar class and preliminary orders for the cutting-edge vehicle that will compete in that circuit, the FC1-X, were revealed as well. While NRX’s 2022 kickoff is still nine months away, the first group of cars that will be delivered to race teams ahead of the inaugural global season are sold out with orders for the second batch already coming in. To date, NRX has commitments for nine cars, with multiple conversations taking place regarding the remaining vehicles. NRX will limit sales to 16 cars in its first electric season.


“We have worked closely with the teams and manufactures to build the very best Rallycross car ever developed,” says Joe Carr, CEO of Thrill One Sports and Entertainment – NRX’s parent company. “This collaboration and buy-in is a testament to their belief in NRX as the future of Rallycross.”


With five races in the internal combustion class across the U.S. on the calendar this year and the initial teams competing in 2021 set, today’s news marks the next phase of NRX’s comprehensive multi-year vision. 


“From the first announcement that Nitro Rallycross was expanding into a global series, industry response has been tremendous,” continues Carr. “This far-reaching commitment from some of the most prominent teams in motorsport demonstrates their strong confidence in the property and the direction we are headed.”    


2022 Inaugural Global Series:

These teams will compete in Nitro Rallycross’ first integrated world championship, with the first of at least 10 races set to kick off in the first quarter of 2022 and run throughout the year. The full-throttle action will stretch from North America to Europe through to the Middle East.


Worldwide Expansion Powered by Electric Innovation:

In addition to Nitro Rallycross’ internal combustion circuit, these teams will also square off in a transformational electric Supercar class debuting next year.


First Corner, a forward-thinking partnership between electric mobility leaders QEV Technologies (creators of racing’s gold-standard electric powertrains) and Olsbergs MSE, is readying the FC1-X. This revolutionary fully-integrated vehicle, built on a crossover SUV platform, is all-new from the inside out, and has been designed specifically for the rigors of Rallycross with direct input from teams and key stakeholders in the industry.


The most-advanced high-performance Rallycross vehicle ever built, the FC1-X produces 1,000+ peak HP with all-wheel drive. Wrapping that power in a lightweight tube frame chassis, it is capable of three g’s of acceleration as it rockets from zero to 60 mph in under 1.5 seconds before hitting a top speed of 180 mph. Yet with over 12-inches of suspension travel, the FC1-X is also tough enough to handle the steep berms and 100-ft gap jumps of NRX’s massive purpose-built tracks.


Carr says, “We are seeing a lot of excitement about the FC1-X. With nine sales already secured and more purchase orders expected soon, we are very confident that we will sell out the entire 16-car field ahead of our inaugural electric season in 2022.”


With the FC1-X, Nitro Rallycross is also an exciting property for OEMs. “In addition to offering teams unprecedented performance, the FC1-X will also provide manufacturers a record-breaking platform to showcase their new electric crossover SUV models, the fastest-growing category in the industry, in front of a global audience,” Carr explains.


Last month, the FC1-X made its track debut in a series of thorough systems checks, earning rave reviews from the drivers and technicians who put the platform through its paces. Soon, the wider motorsports community will be able to see what the game-changing FC1-X is capable of.


About Nitro Rallycross:

Launched in 2018 by motorsports icon Travis Pastrana and the innovators of Nitro Circus, Nitro Rallycross has revolutionized motorsport. With innovative purpose-built courses, banked turns inspired by the wide-open action of Supercross and short-form, head-to-head competition, Nitro Rallycross creates high-impact, thrill-packed racing. NRX’s custom-built permanent tracks - featuring the biggest jumps seen in motorsports – create unrivaled racing excitement. The full-throttle competition is now set to go global, as Nitro Rallycross expands into a full standalone championship series. Looking ahead to 2022, NRX will also add an electric Supercar circuit featuring the all-new FC1-X, the most powerful Rallycross vehicle ever built. For the latest NRX updates head to and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


This new chapter in Nitro Rallycross’ evolution is the latest initiative from Thrill One Sports and Entertainment, parent company of Nitro Circus, Street League Skateboarding and Thrill One Media (formerly Superjacket Productions). Thrill One has the backing of leading sports investment firms The Raine Group and Causeway Media Partners, also one of the initial investors behind Formula E. Go to for more information.


By David Phillips
IMSA Wire Service
“What’s it like out there?”
Thanks to the Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack, any race fan with a valid operator’s permit and licensed automobile can answer that age-old question for themselves by turning hot laps on road courses across America.
OK, it’s not quite like going wheel-to-wheel with Pipo Derani and Katherine Legge at 165 mph, but you can get a taste of what it’s like to tackle the Big Bend, the International Horseshoe, Oak Tree and other legendary chunks of American racing pavement, many of which are negotiated annually by IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship competitors.
And some that are not. Nelson Ledges Road Course near Youngstown, Ohio, for example. Best known as home of “The Longest Day” 24-hour showroom stock races in the 1980s and ‘90s, the track has primarily hosted SCCA club level competition for more than 60 years. Indeed, many memorable (and forgettable) moments in my undistinguished racing career took place there when I raced a Royale Formula Ford in the ‘70s.
Thus, I registered for a Track Night at “The Ledges” both with anticipation and trepidation. Anticipation in returning to my field of dreams in a Hyundai Veloster N on loan from my new BFFs at Hyundai; trepidation in that I hadn’t driven on a racetrack at eight- or nine-tenths in some 40 years. 40 years? Time flies.
Online registration proved painless. The cost is $165 ($155 for SCCA members) for an hour of track time, divided into three 20-minute segments apiece for novice, intermediate and advanced drivers. Tech inspection and insurance waiver forms are downloadable; there’s even a link to Hagerty Insurance for special event coverage, and a list of approved helmet certifications. Yes, you’ll need a helmet – in my case a Bell Star – but there’s no need to invest in a firesuit, gloves or fancy driving boots.
Now to the existential question: Should I register as a novice, intermediate or advanced? OK, no false modesty or bravado. I check the intermediate box.
A few weeks later, I arrive at The Ledges during the appointed hour – between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. – where a scan of the paddock reveals an assortment of about 50 cars including Corvettes, Mazda MX-5s, an S Class Mercedes, an Acura RLX, a Ford Transit van ... wait, a Ford Transit? Yes, the one with an SCCA Rallycross decal on the windshield; the one parked next to the Camaro with its rear window festooned with track layout decals of VIRginia International Raceway, Gingerman and Mid-Ohio in addition to Nelson Ledges.
Next, I turn in my tech form and do a helmet check, followed by a briefing on flagging basics and overtaking procedures led by Dan Dennehy, who coaches Track Night novices by afternoon/evening and serves as SCCA manager of partner relations by day. Dennehy discusses “point-by” overtaking, where the driver of a slower car sticks their arm out the driver side window and points to the side on which the following driver is to pass. Dennehy also notes the two passing zones at Nelson Ledges on a track diagram and says there are but two passing rules.
“The first is that all passes are point-by only. The second is that all passes are point-by only,” he deadpans.
After the briefing comes a follow-the-leader session where another coach, Daniel Griewisch, and his Honda Civic lead participants around the track on the racing line in single file at modest speed for five “familiarization” laps.
Although the pavement is directionally familiar to me, some of the visuals are not. Gone is the stand of trees on the outside of Turn 2, the inside of Turn 3 (aka Oak Tree) and the Carousel. And once my intermediate group is turned loose, I realize the gear selection from a Formula Ford’s four-cog Hewland gearbox bears little resemblance to the Veloster’s quick throw manual (hallelujah!) six-speed.
I also face an “unlearning” curve as what had been a flat-in-third Turn 1 in the Ford is now a fourth-after-a-stab-of-the-brakes in the Veloster. And where the Formula Ford racer in me went down to first gear for the final corner, I take the same turn in third as there’s plenty of torque from the Veloster’s lusty 2-liter turbo to launch me onto the start/finish straight.
The first 20-minute session offers ample time to take those changes onboard, develop new visual references and practice both sides of the point-by, first overtaking a courteous MX-5 and then returning the courtesy in the instants before the Mercedes and a Mustang blast past.
The ensuing 40-minute break (while the advanced and novice sessions unfold) offers time to mentally rehash the first session and for organizers to make adjustments. For example, the Mercedes and Mustang are promoted to the advanced group, owing to a combination of driver ability and car performance. 
'We observe the sessions closely,” says Dennehy. “We see if a driver is markedly quicker than most of the others in his session (or markedly slower – Ed). The idea is to have everyone in their comfort zone so everybody can maximize the amount of fun they have playing with others.”
Sure enough, I am more or less alone on the track throughout the subsequent two sessions. Oh, I see cars far ahead and behind, and there are a couple of point-bys per session. But mainly I just have a blast hurling the eager Veloster into Turns 1 and 2, feeling the lateral Gs through the slightly banked Oak Tree, and the longitudinal Gs – thanks for the great grip, Michelin Pilot Sport tires – when I plant the throttle exiting the Carousel or incrementally move my braking points closer to the turn-in points elsewhere. 
If the abundance of smiles in the paddock after the sessions is any indication, I am not alone in enjoying myself. Nor do the paying customers have a monopoly on grins.
“I so enjoy people experiencing the culture of Track Night in America,” says Dennehy, who reckons he coaches or is the event leader in 10 or more Track Nights a year. “What better way to see what it’s like driving their special cars on the country’s greatest racetracks than by doing it in a friendly, supportive, non-competitive environment?” 
And what better way to honor dear old Dad this Father’s Day than gifting him a Track Night in America? It’s guaranteed to generate a bigger smile than (yet) another tie!   
Learn more about Track Night in America at To learn more about becoming an SCCA member and participating in its many events, visit IMSA and SCCA have formed a partnership to grow the following of both organizations dedicated to the needs of motorsports professionals and enthusiasts alike.

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is proud to present the redesigned next generation of a vehicle that has become a symbol of luxury over the last two decades: the armored Cadillac Escalade. Fortified with INKAS® innovative protective solutions and certified armored materials, this iconic vehicle becomes a fortress on wheels.


Under the hood, this armored Cadillac Escalade features a powerful 6.2-liter V-8 engine producing 420 hp coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and is available in standard RWD and 4WD options. For more controlled ride handling, a 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine can be added upon request. With the optimized independent rear suspension, this vehicle guarantees a smooth ride and provides the utmost comfort and luxury to its occupants.


This full-size luxury SUV boasts its symbolic front end, horizontal headlights, and stylish vertical taillights that span from bumper to roof. With an extended wheelbase, the armored Cadillac Escalade provides a spacious interior layout that comes fully equipped with high-end technology that enhances the driving experience. INKAS® raises the bar with key features that include a massive 38-inch OLED screen stretched across the dash, and exquisite seating wrapped in premium leather and offering heating and massage functionality.  The armored Cadillac Escalade comes with hands-free Super Cruise, extended driver-assist features, digital rear-view mirror, adaptive cruise control, ambient lighting, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, lane keep assistance and more. This vehicle brings spaciousness and functionality, and includes an advanced entertainment system with a 36-speaker sound system compatible with Apple and Android. Individuals can even choose from a variety of high-quality upholstery and decorative elements to match their personal style. 


The INKAS® Armored Cadillac Escalade is precision-built to exacting standards with innovative, light-weight ballistic armor, covering the vehicle with full, all-around protection. The armoring technologies ensure the vehicle is secured to the ballistic protection level of CEN 1063 BR6, while maintaining the vehicle’s original features. INKAS® has implemented its new proprietary armored overlap system, that offers protection for door seals by ensuring no bullets can penetrate them. Additional protective upgrades include sirens and PA systems, LED strobe lights, a blackout package, engine bay fire suppression system, door-assist mechanism to counteract the weight of armored doors, and much more.


The new INKAS® Armored Cadillac Escalade is now available for worldwide delivery to all major seaports, as well as airfreight upon special request. For additional information, please watch the video here or visit the vehicle’s page.

Professional short course racer Keegan Kincaid is prepared to kick off his chase for the 2021 Championship Off-Road Pro 2 Truck title this weekend in Antigo, Wisconsin. Antigo Lions Roaring Raceway serves as the newest venue on the series schedule, and will host the opening two rounds of the championship for all divisions.
If last year is any indication, Kincaid should find himself on the box to open this season regardless of all of the updates. Not only was he on the podium in all but one points-paying race in 2020, he also took the checkered flag in last year’s Pro 2 opener from ERX Motor Park. Opening the season on a high note enabled Kincaid to remain in the throes of a tight championship battle all season long.
But as strong as his 2020 campaign already was, Kincaid’s Pro 2 program enters the new season refreshed and even better equipped to contend for this year’s title. The new-look #4 machine features a host of new sponsors, led by new primary partner Lucas Oil, while the support of Flannery Racing in the pits and a brand new Featherlite hauler and hospitality area will take Kincaid’s at-track operations to the next level.
“2021 is, without a doubt, going to be the biggest year of my racing career so far,” said Kincaid. “We’ve taken a program that was already strong last year and pumped it up to the next level for the coming season. With new sponsors, more resources behind us, and a brand new truck on the way, excitement is high, and I can’t wait to get to the track in Antigo!”
The Championship Off-Road event weekend at Antigo Lions Roaring Raceway kicks off on Friday with practice and a pit party at 8PM. Races will take place all day on Saturday and Sunday, with the Pro 2s scheduled to run at 6:30PM on Saturday and 4:45PM on Sunday. Click here to buy tickets for the event. Following Antigo, the season will continue on June 26-27 at Crandon International Raceway as the Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run returns to its traditional early summer date.
Keegan Kincaid is supported by Lucas Oil, Cooper Tire, Vision Wheel, Discount Tire, Fox Shocks, Langlade Ford, Impact, Traxxas, Champion Power Equipment, Roush Competition Engines, FK Rod Ends, Truck Country, NTN, VP Racing Fuels, and Northern Chill. For more information and to stay in the loop, follow Keegan on Facebook and Instagram.

Hailie Deegan will substitute for Tony Kanaan in two Camping World SRX Series races as scheduling conflicts prevent Kanaan from competing June 19 at Knoxville (Iowa) Speedway and July 10 at Slinger (Wis.) Speedway.


Deegan is currently a fulltime driver in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and the 19-year-old racer from Temecula, California, was tabbed by SRX co-founder Ray Evernham to fill in for Kanaan.


“Tony Kanaan is going to bring a lot to the Camping World SRX Series, both in terms of talent and personality. We’d love to have him for all six races, but we’re also not going to complain about having him for four,” Evernham said. “It did, however, allow us the opportunity to find another strong personality who has shown that she’s not afraid to race door-to-door for the win. Hailie Deegan has won on the style of tracks where SRX is racing and now she has the opportunity to win against some of the biggest names in motorsports.”


Deegan is a three-time winner in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West and was the first female to win a race in that series.


“It’s an honor to be a part of SRX and I’m grateful for the chance,” Deegan said. “I love racing. I started when I was eight in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series and, for the last five years, I’ve been on pavement working my way up the racing ladder. The challenge of SRX really appeals to me. Competing on different tracks – asphalt and dirt – with other drivers from all sorts of disciplines is a unique opportunity that doesn’t come around every day.” 


Kanaan is committed to the four other races in the six-race short-track series beginning with the June 12 debut of the Camping World SRX Series at Stafford (Conn.) Motor Speedway. After Stafford, Kanaan will race June 26 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, July 3 at Lucas Oil Raceway near Indianapolis, and then July 17 in the season finale at the Nashville (Tenn.) Fairgrounds Speedway.


“I feel like other people driving my car is the story of my season,” said Kanaan, who is sharing a car in the NTT INDYCAR Series with Jimmie Johnson, running all the ovals while Johnson runs all the road and street courses. “Obviously, I want to race the full SRX schedule, but I have two commitments I cannot break. I really appreciate everyone’s flexibility, because when I first heard about SRX, I was the first one to raise my hand and loudly say I wanted to be a part of it. I’m happy that Hailie Deegan gets to enjoy this experience too because it really is a great opportunity for all of us.”


Every Camping World SRX Series race will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. ET on the CBS Television Network with streaming live on Paramount+.


The Camping World SRX Series features world-class drivers from an array of motorsports backgrounds competing in identically prepared racecars on some of the most iconic short tracks in America. Tony Stewart, Paul Tracy, Bobby Labonte, Willy T. Ribbs, Bill Elliott, Ernie Francis Jr., Marco Andretti, Helio Castroneves and Michael Waltrip are the fulltime drivers in the Camping World SRX Series. Local all-stars join the series regulars at the first five races, with six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby at Stafford, four-time Knoxville track champion Brian Brown at Knoxville, five-time USAC Silver Crown champion Kody Swanson at Eldora, prolific USAC and NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour winner Bobby Santos III at Lucas Oil Raceway, and the winner of the July 6 Slinger Nationals – one of the most prestigious short-track races in the country – competing in the Camping World SRX Series race at Slinger. A handful of racing “ringers” will join the Camping World SRX Series at select races, with NASCAR veteran Greg Biffle competing at Stafford and Slinger, five-time Rallycross champion and former Formula One driver Scott Speed racing at Eldora and Lucas Oil Raceway, and Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Scott Bloomquist in his element at Knoxville.


By Jeff Olson
IMSA Wire Service
 Look out, Detroit. Corvette is coming back to its hometown race.
While Corvette Racing’s appearance next week in the Chevrolet Sports Car Classic won’t count toward points, it will be the first time the iconic Chevrolet Corvette has appeared in its Grand Touring (GT) form at the Detroit race since 2008.
The addition of Corvette's stalwart two-car GT Le Mans (GTLM) team in the annual Belle Isle street race in the shadow of General Motors headquarters is a nod to the manufacturer that has its name on the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship event, which shares the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix presented by Lear weekend with the IndyCar Series.
Racing in front of the hometown crowd is a thrill for the team’s drivers, Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor, Nick Tandy and Tommy Milner. 
“At any racetrack where you’ve had success, you’re excited to go back and enjoy being there,” said Taylor, a five-time winner at Detroit who co-drives the No. 3 Corvette C8.R with Garcia. “For me, I’ve been with GM for so many years. I won there in 2012 in a Camaro, three times in a Corvette Daytona Prototype, and then 2017 in a Cadillac (prototype). To be there always in a GM vehicle with the (GM headquarters) Renaissance Center nearby and all the big bosses coming to the race, it always adds a lot of pressure but always means so much more when the race goes well.” 
General Motors played a crucial role in the revival of the Detroit Grand Prix in 2012 after a three-year hiatus. GM was founded in Detroit in 1908 and ranks 18th in the Fortune 500 of U.S. companies by total revenue in sales of vehicles from its four U.S.-based brands – Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC. 
Showing the hometown crowd and GM executives the famous Corvette GTLM entry up close and in action is a dream for drivers.
“Even though this isn’t a points race, I’m glad we are back at Belle Isle,” Garcia said. “It’s the first time for me racing in Detroit. Knowing we are racing with one of the most iconic cars around there is pretty cool.” 
The Detroit Grand Prix began in 1982 as a Formula One race on downtown city streets, with the late Ayrton Senna winning in 1986, ‘87 and ‘88. In 1989, the race became an IndyCar event under CART sanction, moving to Belle Isle in 1992, where it was held annually until 2001.
The race was revived in 2007 as an IndyCar series event. After three idle years, it was revived again in 2012, where it remained an annual part of the schedule until last year’s race was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sports cars have been part of the Detroit lineup for 10 years (2007-08, 2012-19).
In addition to being the home of Corvette, the event takes place in the backyard of Pratt Miller Engineering, which has designed, developed and constructed the Corvette GTs that have competed in IMSA for more than two decades. Pratt Miller is based in New Hudson, a Detroit suburb.
“This is something that I’m looking forward to – meeting some of the team members who have designed and worked on this car and seeing the people of Detroit who want to come and see us,” said Tandy, who co-drives the No. 4 Corvette C8.R with Milner. “It’s my first time at Belle Isle. From a competition standpoint, I’m looking forward to getting onto a brand new circuit. It’s not often that we go to a new track so it’s something that is exciting for me personally.”
WeatherTech Championship practice and qualifying will take place Friday, June 11, with the 100-minute race starting at 5:10 p.m. ET Saturday, June 12, airing live on NBCSN and IMSA Radio (Sirius 219, XM 202, SiriusXM Online 992). In addition to the Corvettes, the Daytona Prototype international (DPi) and GT Daytona (GTD) classes will be racing.

After losing out on his first career win just two weeks ago, Texas native and CARS Late Model Stock Car Tour Rookie of the Year candidate Kaden Honeycutt dominated each and every lap of the 125 at Langley Speedway Saturday night.


After starting second to his car owner and teammate Justin Johnson, Honeycutt grabbed the lead from the outside pole position and never looked back. The victory marked the first time a Texas native has won in CARS Late Model Stock Car Tour history.


Although he challenged his student several times, car owner and teammate Justin Johnson finished second some 2.422 seconds behind. Right behind Johnson was fellow veteran Deac McCaskill in third place to round out the podium.


For both Johnson and McCaskill the podium finishes, while not a win, may be the perfect night when looking back at season’s end. Both drivers had stellar runs on a night that saw championship points leader Bobby McCarty struggle mightily finishing two laps down in the 17th position.


The disappointing run by McCarty virtually erased his entire points lead to just a single point over McCaskill after previously entering Langley with a sizable 15 point margin. Johnson should unofficially be knocking on the doorsteps as well with his gap down to four markers behind McCarty.


For additional information on the CARS Late Model Stock Tour and the CARS Super Late Model Tour visit Be sure to stay active and social with the tour by liking “CARS Tour” on Facebook, following @CARSTour on Twitter, and scrolling through photos on Instagram cars_tour. Additional series information can be obtained by calling the CARS Tour series office, located in Mooresville, NC, at 704.662.9212. 125

Larry King’s Law Langley Speedway – Hampton, VA

June 5, 2021


Late Model Stock Car Unofficial Finish


1.      #4H Kaden Honeycutt

2.      #44 Justin Johnson

3.      #08 Deac McCaskill

4.      #99 Layne Riggs

5.      #14 Jared Fryar

6.      #81 Mini Tyrrell

7.      #95 Sam Yarbrough

8.      #91 Jonathan Shafer

9.      #97 Daniel Silvestri

10.  #88 Connor Jones

11.  #2 Brandon Pierce

12.  #81B Sam Butler

13.  #91C Justin S. Carroll

14.  #90 Terry Carroll

15.  #24 Mason Diaz

16.  #17 Joe Valento

17.  #22 Bobby McCarty

18.  #2W Matt Waltz

19.  #4 Jonathan Findley

20.  #12 Timothy Peters

By Mark Robinson
IMSA Wire Service
 Dream Racing Motorsport completed a dream weekend at VIRginia International Raceway in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America.
Not only did Richard Antinucci collect maximum points by winning both Pro class pole positions and races, but 17-year-old rookie teammate Luke Berkeley drove to the Am class victory in Sunday afternoon’s finale. Dario Capitanio nearly gave the team a trifecta of wins Sunday afternoon, finishing less by than a second behind the ProAm winner.
Antinucci, in the No. 27 Dream Racing Motorsport, Lamborghini Las Vegas Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, pulled a consistent lead early in Sunday afternoon’s 50-minute race, then backed off near the end to save his equipment. He won by 5.915 seconds over Sergio Jimenez (No. 44 Ansa Motorsports, Lamborghini Broward Huracán), but only after the No. 16 Change Racing, Lamborghini Charlotte Huracán of Stevan McAleer had closed within 1.5 seconds of Antinucci before pulling off with a mechanical issue in the closing minutes.
“I’m very satisfied. We optimized everything in qualifying and the races,” said Antinucci, the two-time Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America Pro champion who’s won three of the four races this season. “A little bit of luck, I was managing things at the end. We had an issue with the car near the end, so I had to manage it. But we did it.
“I’m really grateful for the ‘Dream team,’” he added. “The No. 27 Dream car has been a rocket all year, which is just two rounds, but three out of four (wins); I can’t ask for more.”
Scoring the max 32 points (15 for each win and one for each pole) allowed Antinucci to unofficially open a 15-point lead over McAleer in the Pro standings after two rounds and four races of the six-round, 12-race season.
Ortiz, Gdovic Double Up in ProAm
Bryan Ortiz and Brandon Gdovic doubled up on ProAm wins for the day in the No. 46 Precision Performance Motorsports, Lamborghini Palm Beach Huracán, leading the entire way from the class pole position. Gdovic said he, too, had to hold on with an unforeseen issue near the end, but he crossed the finish line 0.720 seconds ahead of Capitanio in the No. 22 Dream Racing Motorsport, Lamborghini Las Vegas Huracán.
“I don’t what was going on, whether it was the track or it was the car, but I about wadded it up the last four laps through the Esses,” said Gdovic, who has four VIR wins since 2019. “Still, we had an awesome car all weekend. Bryan did all the work at the beginning (of Race 2) and I just tried to screw it up at the end. It’s an awesome weekend to sweep, home track for us, which is always fun.”
Gdovic and Ortiz have an unofficial seven-point lead over Victor Gomez IV (No. 29 Change Racing, Lamborghini Charlotte Huracán) after four ProAm races with the next doubleheader round June 24-27 at Watkins Glen International.
“Looking forward for that weekend,” Ortiz said. “Great team and Brandon has done a great job at that track also, so we should have another good shot at it.”
17-Year-Old Berkeley Earns Breakthrough Am Win
After being knocked out early in Sunday morning’s race, Berkeley collected himself and drove a steady race to win in the Am class. It was the maiden series victory for the teen who turned 17 last month.
“It feels great,” Berkeley said after winning by nearly 18 seconds. “I worked really hard to get here. I’m super thankful for everybody who brought me here. It was not an easy race; it was hot out here. I managed the tires well and then the last couple laps they started to fall off. Just kept control of the car, consistent laps, smooth and clean and was able to bring it home P1. I’m over the moon right now.”
Alan Metni, who fashioned a pair of second-place finishes Sunday in the No. 99 Change Racing, Lamborghini Dallas Huracán, unofficially leads the Am championship by three points over Giano Taurino (No. 88 Taurino Racing, Lamborghini Palm Beach Huracán).
Olson, Kvamme Sweep LB Cup
In LB Cup, Terry Olson and Mark Kvamme completed their own victory sweep. They followed up their morning triumph in the No. 47 Precision Performance Motorsports, Lamborghini Palm Beach Huracán with an 8.984-seconds victory over Matt Dicken (No. 36 Change Racing, Lamborghini Charlotte Huracán) in the afternoon.
Kvamme started in the No. 47 and turned the car over to Olson second in class. Olson took it from there.
“Once I got in, it was really slippery,” Olson said. “Luckily, the word had come back that the track was really hot and slick, so we had to run just nine-tenths quite a bit to keep the car from getting away from us. We had no fewer than four go off track in front of us in that last stint. We were able to keep our car clean and the Palm Beach Lamborghini was flawless for us; never missed a beat.”
Olson and Kvamme now sit atop the LB Cup standings, six points up on Dicken heading to Watkins Glen.
 The huge fanbase in the New England area is set to enjoy their first NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series action in two years, as the ground-shaking, 330-mph excitement returns to New England Dragway June 11-13 for the NHRA New England Nationals presented by Bandero Premium Tequila.
It is the sixth race of the 2021 NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series season and fans are eagerly anticipating the sights, sounds and thrills of nitro flames and 11,000-horsepower machines. The stop at New England Dragway has drawn massive crowds and a huge fan following over the years, and that will continue for the seventh time at the facility and the first time since 2019.
All the stars in Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock will be in Epping to try and pick up a victory as the 2021 campaign shifts to the summer months. Steve Torrence (Top Fuel) and Matt Hagan (Funny Car) were winners of the 2019 event, and this year’s race will be televised on FOX, including live finals coverage starting at 1:30 p.m. (ET) on Sunday, June 13.
Steve Torrence has found plenty of success at New England Dragway, winning in both 2019 and 2018. Coming off his third straight world title, Torrence is back in the points lead and has won back-to-back races in 2021 and has advanced to four straight final rounds. Trying to stop Torrence’s latest string of success is a talented Top Fuel field that features previous event winners Antron Brown and Brittany Force, as well as Doug Kalitta, Leah Pruett, Shawn Langdon, Clay Millican, Justin Ashley, Mike Salinas and Billy Torrence.
New England Dragway has become a favorite for defending Funny Car world champion Matt Hagan. The longtime standout has won the past three events in Epping and a fourth straight win would come at the perfect time. Hagan is searching for his first victory of 2021 and he’ll be one of the favorites in Epping based on his recent success. Local fan favorite and points leader Bob Tasca, who has two wins this year, will look to win for the first time at his home track, but he’ll have to get past a loaded Funny Car field that includes Houston winner Robert Hight, John Force, who won in Charlotte, two-time event winner Ron Capps, Gainesville winner J.R. Todd, Alexis Dejoria, Cruz Pedregon and Tim Wilkerson.
It will be the first appearance at New England Dragway since 2018 for the stars in Pro Stock. Chris McGaha won that event and will look to pick up another to jumpstart his 2021 campaign. Other previous winners include points leader Greg Anderson, who won in back-to-back years in 2015 and 2016, and defending world champ Erica Enders. A number of marquee names looking to win in Epping for the first time include rookie Dallas Glenn, who won in Charlotte, Houston winner Matt Hartford, Deric Kramer, Troy Coughlin Jr., Aaron Stanfield, Mason McGaha and Kyle Koretsky.
The race also includes thrilling competition in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, where future stars of the sport hone their skills. After qualifying, fans can watch the thrilling “Beast from the East” Jet Dragster driven by Ernie Bogue. It marks the first time this dragster has made an appearance at a NHRA event. Jet cars are thrust-driven propelled by jet engines with exciting pre-run flame shows.
Nostalgia Funny Cars will also be in action at New England Dragway, adding another must-see special attraction to the event. A group of 12 nostalgia Funny Cars will be on display at the track, with several cars making exhibition runs during the weekend. 
Camping World Drag Racing Series qualifying will feature one round at 5:30 p.m. ET on Friday, June 11, with the two final rounds slated for 12:30 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, June 12. Final eliminations are scheduled for 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 13. Television coverage includes live action from eliminations beginning at 1:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 13 on FOX.
To purchase general admission or reserved seats, call (800) 884-NHRA (6472) or visit For more information about the NHRA visit


(Courtesy of NHRA Communications)

By Mark Robinson
IMSA Wire Service
 The spotlight at Vasser Sullivan Racing has shone mainly on the No. 14 Lexus RC F GT3 in recent seasons, with good reason. But the sister No. 12 has begun garnering more attention, particularly with the development of IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship rookie co-driver Zach Veach.
It gives Vasser Sullivan a potent one-two punch heading to this week’s Chevrolet Sports Car Classic at Detroit’s Raceway at Belle Isle Park, where the team pulled off a 1-3 finish in 2019, the last time the event was held.
Partnered with Frankie Montecalvo, Veach brought the No. 12 home in second place last month in the GT Daytona (GTD) class at the Acura Sports Car Challenge Presented by the TLX Type S. It was just Veach’s third GTD start and came at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – a fitting location for the Ohio native transitioning this year from a career previously focused on IndyCar racing.
“It feels really nice to get my first podium in IMSA, and to do it at my home track on top of that is just really special,” Veach said following the race. “The last three years were tough for me, that’s no lie. To come here and have a good result feels so nice.”
Now 26, Veach dedicated himself to climbing the Road to Indy ladder to the IndyCar Series, reaching the top with three seasons at Andretti Autosport that concluded near the end of 2020. Veach put out feelers in the sports car world late last year and found a willing listener in Vasser Sullivan. Not a surprise since the team already had former open-wheelers Jack Hawksworth and Aaron Telitz in the fold.
“He’s damn good,” team co-owner Jimmy Vasser said of Veach. “If you notice, there’s a bit of a theme here with IndyCar guys and Road to Indy guys. The Road to Indy has produced a lot of great young talent and he’s a Gold (-rated driver). While his IndyCar career didn’t go great, it wasn’t terrible.”
Seeing the chance to get younger and stronger over the long run, the team hired Veach to replace wily veteran Townsend Bell. “We see that maybe the runway with Zach is a bit longer,” Vasser said.
“He didn’t start out right on pace, but nobody does in these cars,” Vasser added. “In GTD, you have the ABS (anti-lock braking system) to adapt to, they’re a heavier car, you’ve got to get used to the tires. It’s just a different form of racing nowadays, so it’s difficult for anybody to jump from the top of one class to another class and be quick right off the bat. Everything’s so specialized.”
Veach’s progress showed in the Mid-Ohio qualifying session for points when he ran second. He and Montecalvo appeared destined for a third-place finish in the race, only to see its stablemate, the No. 14 Lexus, suffer a mechanical failure while leading.
“The cool thing with Zach is his progression,” Vasser said. “It’s a real upward trend, culminating in a great performance in bringing it home second surrounded by champions of the class. He was under a lot of pressure but did not make a mistake.
“He’s been improving, he’s getting a feel for the car, he’s more vocal about what he wants and what the car’s doing. It’s just natural that the more time he’s in the car, the more he’s learning about his racing against guys that have been doing it a while. Jack, for instance, this is his fifth season in the (Lexus) car and he’s the best out there. Jack’s really coaching him and helping him.”
Saturday’s race at Belle Isle counts only toward the IMSA WeatherTech Sprint Cup, where Hawksworth and Telitz are defending champions. Vasser said the No. 14 duo is “breathing fire right now” after the Mid-Ohio malady, and the team co-owner expects both cars to contend.
“We were first and third last time we raced there in ’19,” Vasser said. “We’re never overconfident because you never know what’s going to happen, but I’ve got full faith in the team that we’re going to be prepared for it.”
Along with GTD, the Daytona Prototype international (DPi) class will compete this week for season championship points. The two Corvette Racing GT Le Mans cars will race as well but not for points. Action begins Friday at Belle Isle Park with practice and qualifying. The 100-minute race airs live at 5 p.m. ET Saturday on NBCSN and IMSA Radio (Sirius 219, XM 202, SiriusXM Online 992).
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