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Newman's spin triggers practice crash

NASCAR Wire Service Thursday, Feb 21 1880

Racing in close quarters with Carl Edwards during the first practice for Thursday's Budweiser Duel 150 qualifying races, Ryan Newman's Chevy SS got loose and spun across the nose of Edwards' Ford. Those two cars and the Toyota of Mark Martin all sustained damaged in the ensuing crash.

"I was up close to Ryan, and then, all of a sudden, his car just got a little loose, and there was no space," Edwards said. "I could have given him more space, but I don't think either one of us really understands why his car got so loose.

"It was just all of a sudden, and he was turned sideways. It's really interesting -- and something I'm going to be careful for during the race."

The wreck was a clear indication that drivers still have much to learn when it comes to controlling NASCAR's new Gen-6 race car.

"I didn't know what happened and he (Edwards) honestly admitted that he didn't know what happened," Newman said. "Just all of a sudden, my car was going across his nose. He did say that he tried to come up and put the air brakes on me (by side-drafting). 

"I think, in doing so, it just made my car that loose. I hadn't been loose the entire time. It was just something new and a different characteristic of this car I guess."

The damage was not extensive enough to force any of the three drivers to a back-up car.


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