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ASA Truck Series & Havasu Help Kwasniewski's Career

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Back in April 2010, the ASA Truck Series opened their season under the ownership of Todd & Lisa McLauchlan. Their first event took place at Havasu 95 Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  The winner of that race was a14-year-old who had a last name that many didn’t know how to pronounce, and had a major sponsor.
Fast forward to 2013 and Dylan Kwasniewski is becoming a household name. Last year, he became the youngest NASCAR K&N Pro Series West champion and is now looking at moving up to the higher levels when he turns 18.
Kwasniewski started racing in the ASA Truck Series in 2009 and started out the 2010 season by winning the first two races at Havasu 95 Speedway and I-10 Speedway.  He followed that up with a fifth place finish at Irwindale and a second place finish at The Bullring.  After that his career shot out of a cannon.
Looking back, he remembers how the ASA Truck Series really helped his driving skills.  “The ASA Truck Series is awesome! It is a good stepping-stone to go from Legends into the trucks and learn how to run bigger racecars like that,” Kwasniewski recalled. “It was good to get a feel in these style of heavier cars and trucks, after racing Legends, before going up to the big boys. It taught me a lot about car control and getting used to the style of racecars I would be driving in the future.”
He would encourage any future young drivers to look at the ASA Truck Series. “I would say definitely get into it.  It was a good series when I was competing with them before moving up. They have good competition and I learned a lot from it,” Kwasniewski said. “It was a good stepping-stone without jumping too far ahead into the next series. It really helped me get acclimated to the bigger cars.”
Kwasniewski also appreciates the effort that Todd & Lisa McLauchlan have put into the series. “They are great.  I see them at Havasu from time to time. I wish I had the time to go and run a couple of more races. They are great people and they treat their drivers and fans real well.  It is a well-run series.”
“Dylan is a perfect example of what the ASA Truck Series is all about. Our series is focused on helping propel the careers of young drivers like Dylan,” Lisa McLauchlan said. “Todd and I remember when Dylan won the first race we ran at Havasu.  We are proud that we were able to use our series to help further develop his career.  We wish him the best and are grateful to call him an ASA Truck Series Alumni.”
“Our series truly allows young talent to grow into mature racers,” Todd McLauchlan said. “We are proud to know Dylan and see the success he is having at his age, especially after winning the K&N Pro Series West championship last year. We appreciate that he realizes how much the ASA Truck Series has helped him move up to the higher levels. We encourage drivers to use our series to help them move through the ranks like what Dylan has done.  He is proof of what our series can do for young drivers.”
Along with the ASA Truck Series, Havasu 95 Speedway also played a major role in his development. “I did an interview on Showtime and they asked me what was my favorite track growing up and I said Havasu 95 Speedway.  It was the track that I ran at the most because I wasn’t old enough to run at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway,” Kwasniewski explained.  “The track is great. It taught me a lot about car control because it is such a small track. You definitely have to be easy on your tires there. Bill and Greg run a great show and treat everyone well.  Whenever I can get out there to run a race, I do.”
“Dylan is a real good kid and man can he turn the wheel of a racecar,” Bill Rohzon, Havasu 95 Speedway Promoter said. “It just amazes me with the talent he has and it is great that he is having the success he is having today.  He knows he is always welcome to come and race with us anytime his schedule allows.”
In 2013, Kwasniewski is running for the K&N Pro Series championship.  There are also plans in the works to run some ARCA events with the hope of getting into the Nationwide Series in 2014. 
You can learn more about Dylan by visiting www.dylankwasniewski.com.
You can also learn more about the ASA Truck Series at www.speedtruck.com and Havasu 95 Speedway at www.havasu95speedway.com.

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