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Jimmie Johnson: We Built Something Together

Wednesday, Feb 13 2165

When the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series haulers pull into the garage Thursday at Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway, they will be carrying a newly designed racecar. NASCAR’s sixth-generation racer (Gen 6) features a look that will seem familiar to many race fans. It’s a look that takes the sport back to its roots, when the Chevrolet that sat on the showroom floor had the same characteristics as the Chevrolet on the race track, albeit with a little less horsepower. 

It’s been a labor of love for the sport but one that has been embraced by drivers, sponsors, manufacturers and fans alike. A few highlights of the new design include a chassis that is 150 pounds lighter, a nose that is two inches longer, a carbon fiber hood, three extra bars added to the roll cage, and drivers’ names displayed across the top of the windshield in addition to the traditional signature above the door.

Race teams and manufacturers have spent countless hours working with NASCAR to fine tune the Gen 6 car.  “Speeds are up, down force is there. You’re going to be using the throttle a lot,” said Johnson. Excitement is evident as the season gears up for the sport’s biggest race and one thing fans and the whole sport can be proud of is the fact that “we built something together” that is sure to provide plenty to talk about this year in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  


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