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Labonte's Passion for Cyclying Brings "Share The Road Memorial Ride"

This Easter weekend is special for so many reasons.

For JTG Daugherty Racing driver Bobby Labonte, one of those reasons includes hosting and participating in the Bobby Labonte Foundation “Share the Road Memorial Ride” to honor and remember cyclists who have lost their lives while riding.

At the same time, the ride will benefit Bikes Belong Foundation and Habitat for Humanity of High Point, Archdale and his hometown of Trinity.

The event will take place on April 23rd starting at 9:30 a.m. from Labonte’s former shop (403 Interstate Drive, Archdale, NC 27265) with 25 and 50 mile routes through Randolph County sponsored by Archdale Drug, Deep River Drug and Coca-Cola.

“We wanted to have an event to benefit the community and at the same time bring awareness to the need for motorists and cyclists to share the road responsibly,” said
Labonte, whose next NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race is in the No. 47 Kingsford Toyota Camry at Richmond International Raceway on April 30th. “This gives cyclists a chance to come together to pay tribute to their friends and fellow cyclists.”

Jeff Batts, president of the Bobby Labonte Foundation, was instrumental in bringing the special tribute for cyclists to life.

“Actually, there were two cyclists who helped bring this to life,” said Batts. “The first was David Sherman.  He was an executive at Sealy.  He was hit and killed while riding north of Greensboro.  Bobby did not know him personally, but he was well known in the local cycling circles. 

“Then there was a cyclist in Charlotte (actually Mt. Pleasant) - - Adam Little,” continued Batts. “He was hit and killed about a year ago while riding to work. This is a tough one.  He was 35 and had two kids under five years old.  He and his wife had already been through a lot. They had lost a son to a rare heart disease when he was just an infant. Bobby knew him and we actually supported a cycling team he was a member of down in Charlotte.”

Labonte is an avid cyclist. He is looking forward to paying tribute to riders while promoting cycling safety. At the same time, he is helping promote the community to provide housing to those in need during one of his few off weekends from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit.

“Cycling is something I am very passionate about,” Labonte said. “We’re expecting around 250 riders on Saturday. It will be a really special day for all of us.”

JTG Daughtry Racing/Bobby Labonte PR


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