Transcript: William Byron – Frontstretch Interview – Phoenix Raceway

  1. William Byron, you won the pole, but around stage two it seemed to get away from you guys.

WILLIAM BYRON: Once the track rubbered in, we got really tight. Especially when we lost the lead on track, we just had a big balance shift and got tight back in second through fifth, just couldn’t gain a lot of speed through one and two, just kind of having to really over-slow the car, get it to the bottom.

That’s all we had there.

Just really proud of our Axalta team, great season. It stinks to come up short. I’d like to think we’re going to be back in this position and we’re going to have more shots at it.

We just got to keep working on the short track program for us. It was definitely the tough part of our season. I felt like we brought a good car this weekend. Really until the track kind of changed, I thought we were in the game.

Yeah, just all we had there.

  1. What was it like racing with Blaney and Larson?

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah, I mean, I feel like we all raced really hard. I felt like in stage one and two I could kind of take Ryan’s lane away a little bit and get him tight. Then once he got in front of us, it was really hard to chase him back down.

With Larson, I thought we were pretty even. It was really who came off pit road. He did a good job the last run. They had more speed than us the last run. The last run of the race we just were pretty tight there.

Yeah, like I said, just really proud of this team. We have had a great season, a lot to be proud of. We’re going to keep digging hard. This was a great season for us.