Sunday, Dec 03

NASCAR Transcripts: Bubba Wallace Pit Road Interview - Texas Motor Speedway

Q. Bubba Wallace comes down in third position after leading the most laps today, 111. That last restart didn't go your way. Walk me through what happened.

BUBBA WALLACE: Third time I fooled myself starting on top. These guys gave me the right information. 14 was tight and he sent it off in there. Wasn't going to stick, but that's what he's going to do. We're racing for a win. I just hate it. I should have just kept my line into 3, and forced William to get tight. But we're so vulnerable in these cars, right.

But just upset with myself. Really needed a win there, and it was a good showing. I don't know where that puts us. I don't really care. But I know what I did and I choked.

Q. As you look to the next two races, can you learn anything from this?

BUBBA WALLACE: Yeah, you've just got to process things slower. I feel like I've made a massive improvement in that, processing things a little bit better, but when it comes down to crunch time, you have to keep it all in check.

The best restarter in the game gives it up on a restart. Funny how that works. Appreciate everybody; McDonald's Toyota Camry was good out front. Struggled in traffic a little bit, but we grinded, come out with a good solid points today. Appreciate everybody's support and effort, and we'll go on to Talladega.



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