NASCAR Transcripts: William Byron Frontstretch Interview – Texas Motor Speedway

Q. How did you steal that one on that final restart?

WILLIAM BYRON: Man, that’s badass. I finally got a good restart at the end. Just ooh, it was hot today. I think it’s finally hitting me. But No. 300 for Hendrick Motorsports. Kyle really deserved this one, got to say. Those guys were really fast all day, and hate it for them at the end.

Man, it was awesome to get our car to the front. I loved clean air. We just fought through traffic all day and our Liberty University Chevy was just tight back in traffic but had good pace. This was one of those hot days, it felt like I was playing football and went through two a days, just wanted to quit. It was a grind it out day and our team was there at the end. I’m really proud of this one as hot as it was and as tough as it was. We’ll take it and go on to the next round.

Q. Rick Hendrick gave you a shot as a young driver; what does bringing him win No. 300 mean for Hendrick Motorsports?

WILLIAM BYRON: I don’t know if I can even put it into words. I was such a Hendrick Motorsports fan growing up as a kid, watching Jimmie Johnson, and became really fond of Jeff Gordon as I got to know him.

Just thankful for all the people and men and women back at Hendrick Motorsports and Mr. Hendrick for his investment in me and telling me at 17 years old that he was going to take me to Cup racing. Just appreciate everything he’s done for me, and this is awesome. We’re definitely going to enjoy this one.

Q. Now you and the 24 team are one step from a potential championship run. You don’t have to worry about Talladega and the Roval; how cool is that?

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah, it’s cool. We’ve just been kind of steady Eddie through the first three, four races and we haven’t shown any flashes, but today I thought we had a good car if we could have just gotten to the front, and at the end there we were really fast.

Q. How about these Texas fans who stood out here in 100-degree heat this afternoon?

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah, they’re better than I would be. Appreciate all you guys coming out. It was a really good crowd for as hot as it was. We’ve got some of the best fans in Texas. I love it here. Look forward to coming back next year.