Transcripts: Tyler Reddick – Frontstretch Interview – Kansas Speedway

Q. You are through to the Round of 12, Tyler.

TYLER REDDICK: I knew Newman said I could get my hand off my wheel, but I got my body out doing that burnout.

But just an outstanding job by this whole 23XI team. We had really good pace, but just couldn’t get ahead of Denny there, but chaos ensued, people stayed out, some took two tires, and the bottom lane opened up. Pretty crazy.

Q. Describe going from fifth to first, and like you said, they were on all kinds of different strategies. You had the four fresh.

TYLER REDDICK: Yeah, four fresh tires and sitting in there and slide up. Just hats off, like I said, to everybody at 23XI. This Toyota Camry TRD had a lot of pace, and we’ve had really fast cars with this Money Alliance scheme, and it’s really great to get it back to Victory Lane.

Q. Showing everybody else, too, that the 45 is to be reckoned with all the way to Phoenix?

TYLER REDDICK: Well, I hope so. I just think we came here in the spring, I broke the streak, and I didn’t get the 45 back in Victory Lane, so I came back here motivated to get it where it belongs.