NASCAR Transcripts: Martin Truex Jr. Pit Road Interview – Daytona International Speedway

Q. Martin Truex Jr., regular-season champion. You’re excited about the 15 points that come with this?

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: The trophy is really cool. We’re focused on the championship again this year. That feels really good. Really awesome to get those bonus points, just really proud of my team, everybody on our team at JGR, all of our partners giving us the opportunity to be here, have a season like we had.

Hopefully we can keep it going. It was a little frustrating not to be able to really race tonight after Denny kind of got in that situation, we already got the stage win. That was kind of a bummer. All in all big picture it was the right thing to do. Put together 10 great races and do what we did in 2017 again.

Q. You mentioned 2017. How well positioned is the 19 team to do that again?

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: I feel as good as ever. I feel like our team is really, really strong. I feel like we can be strong anywhere we go.

A lot of the Playoff tracks seem to line up good for us. Always have. We’re optimistic, we’re hungry and excited. Fired up, ready to get going.