NASCAR Transcripts: Bubba Wallace Pit Road Interview – Daytona International Speedway

Q. Let me be the first to welcome Bubba Wallace last to the Playoffs. What were the emotions like before and during the race?

BUBBA WALLACE: That was the most stressed but also the most locked in I’ve ever been. Knowing that this place is mostly out of your control, I just tried to focus on doing the things that I could do. Missing that wreck was massive. Appreciate Freddy. He’s one of the best up on the roof. Gets us through that a lot. That’s what helps our resume here with the speedway stuff.

Proud to be locked into the Playoffs. 23XI, third year in, getting both cars in the Playoffs. We’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations. So proud of the effort we put in.

No matter how much we set ourselves back, we know that we have a kick-ass group and can bounce back from everything.

My wife puts up with me through the stressful times. I wasn’t myself. Sorry, babe. I was focused trying to get us in and pay for this house that you wanted (laughter).