Joey Logano Pit Road Interview – Richmond

Q. Fourth-place finish today. Thought you were going to have a look at it there at the end. You kind of came out of nowhere to even be in that position. What allowed you to contend at the end?

JOEY LOGANO: We weren’t that bad with the Shell-Pennzoil Mustang. Just a little bit off from the best cars. Really couldn’t hang. If you put us at fifth, we could probably hang at fifth.

Just qualifying as poorly as we did, slowly getting our way up there, a couple setbacks during the race, kind of made us hang around 7th and 10th place range for a little bit.

I knew we just had to get there. Paul did a good job. Must have been a special set of tires. I don’t know. It fired off pretty good. Was able to roll the outside of two lanes there.

What Denny screwed up and slid up, got me down the middle, maybe this is okay. Then I allowed the 8 to get back to the outside. We gave up a spot there.

I saw him. I got excited. I was like, I’m also there. One more caution. It wasn’t fun (smiling).

Q. What do you make of the Ford performance today? Was this a big weekend and a step in the right direction?

JOEY LOGANO: I think our weaknesses were hidden today by the lack of grip in the racetrack, mechanical grip seems to come in. It’s hard to put the power down as it is. I think just where our weaknesses are were masked.

I’m glad Chris was able to capitalize on it and a Ford got into Victory Lane. We need to get more of ’em in there. Nice to see one in Victory Lane right now.