Transcript: Kyle Larson Pit Road – New Hampshire

Q. Kyle Larson, that final restart you had the front row, but that’s not the preferred lane. Anything you could have done differently?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, just a lot of wheel spin on the bottom. I tried to be more patient on the throttle than I was. Earlier when I started on the front row I spun really bad.

Yeah, just is what it is down there, and I came out third. That’s where I was restarting anyway. Or before the choose. Yeah, I was hoping I could get clear in front of Joey, but the outside lane is just that much better, and with each cycle on the tires it gets harder and harder to launch.

But hey, we had a shot lineup on front row atone of these Cup races, so that’s a great day. Thanks to this 5 team Valvoline,, Jinya Ramen Bar, everybody who helps support our organization.

It was a fun, hot race and came away with a top 3 at a track that doesn’t really suit me or Hendrick Motorsports.