Transcript: Joey Logano Pit Road – New Hampshire

Q. It was hard for anybody to keep up with the 19 today but Joey Logano had the best shot at it. What were you fighting at the end, Joey?

JOEY LOGANO: I thought I would have had something. Right before that caution came out two cautions to the end when we had tires on it seemed like the 19 took a few laps to get going. I was running him down, I was like man, I’ve got a chance here.

That caution came out right when I was thinking I could make a move on the outside into 3.

And then it seemed like the cycles helped him get his pressures up to where he can refire and be pretty quick the last couple restarts.

Dangit, the home track, there’s no place you want to win more than this, so it stings to not get the Shell-Pennzoil Ford into Victory Lane. But gosh, second just sucks sometimes, you know. It stings the most when you’re that close and feeling like you had a shot at it. Still a good day for us.

Q. Six races to go now until the playoffs. It seems like you’re going in the right direction as far as pace goes with the 22 car.

JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, directionally that was good we tried a lot of new things today. We weren’t good here last year, so we tried a lot of different things. Some things better, some things not, but overall kind of can hang in the Top 5 all day and have a shot at the win.

Still a lot of work to do to be the favorite at the moment, but we’re making the right steps right now.