Transcripts: Shane van Gisbergen – Frontstretch Interview – Chicago Street Course

Q. Let’s be honest, Shane, when this deal came together, did you honestly feel like this was possible?

SHANE VAN GISBERGEN: No, of course not but you always dream of it. Thank you so much to the Trackhouse team and Enhance Health, Project91. What an experience in the crowd out here. This was so cool. This is what you dream of. Hopefully I can come and do more.

Q. What were you telling yourself on those final few restarts?

SHANE VAN GISBERGEN: Wow, when we had that back strategy back to 18th I started to worry a bit but had some full stands on some people, and the racing was really good, everyone was respectful. It was tough but a lot of fun.

Q. It’s Monday back in Auckland but I’m sure there’s a party going on about 1:00 in the afternoon. What would your message be to the young drivers back there in Australia and New Zealand?

SHANE VAN GISBERGEN: Anything is possible. But the fans in Australia and New Zealand, the response this week and the coverage has been — I can’t explain it. Like the response and the support I’ve got from everyone and even over here how welcoming everyone is, I can’t believe it. Dream come true.

Q. You know everybody is going to want you to drive their car now. Are you up for a full-time Cup ride?

SHANE VAN GISBERGEN: I’m doing one more year in Oz and then I’d love to come over here.