Transcript: Martin Truex Jr. Pit Road – Nashville Superspeedway

  1. You were frustrated with what the car was giving you, frustrated at one point with teammate Denny Hamlin. What needed to go differently?

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Just needed to get the lead. Once we lost it, I probably made a bad move taking the bottom on a restart. Just too loose in the long runs. I could hang with whoever was leading. Just could never get off the corner good enough to get a move. Just lacking side bite. Overall just burning the rear tires off too much. 

Just really loose at the end of the race there as well. Just needed a little bit. Got lots of speed. Just could never get the balance where it needed to be. 

Without having clean air, it was difficult, so… Overall good night for our Bass Pro Tracker Toyota Camaro. Guys are doing a great job. Just that close again. 

If we can keep doing this, we will be in good shape. 

  1. You came in the points lead, leaving in the points lead. Is that a net positive in terms of the weekend?

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Especially if we gained on them. If we extended it, it’s always good. A lot of points at the end of the regular season to get that, a lot of bonus points. We’ll take all we can. 

I was disappointed not to get the stage win there. We had it wrapped up until the tire got away on the 45. That’s how these things play out. We weren’t quite good enough to take the lead. That was our issue, burning the tires off too much, getting too loose in the long runs.