Transcript: Ross Chastain Frontstretch – Nashville Superspeedway

  1. It’s a hometown Nashville win for Trackhouse Racing, who likes to claim Music City as their hometown. What an impressive performance, Ross, by you and your group. After a rough month and a half for you and the 1 team, how is a win for a little medicine?

ROSS CHASTAIN: Georgia watermelon, I got to tell you, this is incredible. 

This is why every little kid out there anywhere in the world, when you get criticized, and you’re going to if you’re competitive, they will try to tear you down. You will start believing you can’t do it. 

You have to go to your people, trust in the process, read your books, trust the big man’s plan upstairs, just keep getting up and going to work. 

I got to tell you, a lot of self reflection throughout all this. I had a group that believed in me and they didn’t let me get down. They bring rocket ships and I just try to point them to Victory Lane. 

  1. How did you put the criticism behind you?

ROSS CHASTAIN: Trust in my people. My family back home. The agriculture industry, they’re always there for me. 

Everybody at Trackhouse Justin Marks puts in place, Phil Surgen, on the 1 and 99. To win in Nashville is absolutely incredible. The WISE program, everybody at GM, Chevrolet. 

I train with so many of my competitors, but it makes us better. Up against the best out there. For Worldwide Express Racing to sweep the weekend, get the pole, we won everything we could have with WWEX Racing. Jockey, Advent Health, the Moose. It’s absolutely incredible the fight that we have. 

  1. I love the emotion in the burnout. You said in the middle of it, This is so much fun. Is this born out of relief or…

ROSS CHASTAIN: That’s just a desire to win. I got to tell you, it’s just so hard at this level. It’s the best of the best. It’s where I’ve wanted to be since I was 18 years old, from studying for over 10 years just to qualify better let alone go race for a Cup race win. 

Along the way, the journey, I’m so happy that my group is here, everybody that supports me. Yeah, look, it’s a Cup win. I don’t care what happened last month, the rest of my life, it’s a freaking Cup win.