Transcript: Pit Road Interview – Kyle Busch – Sonoma Raceway

Q. You did a nice job getting the car tuned in. Impressive second-place day.

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, not too bad. I wish we had a little bit more. I tried really hard at the end to at least try to keep Martin honest. Felt like I could beat him a little bit on a lap, then I would mess up. He would beat me by a little bit more on the next lap. We were just kind of trading a little bit there. He was able to pull away there late.

Great job by all the guys on this Mclaren Grills Camaro. Just proud of the effort. We gave it everything that we had. We made a lot of changes. We got a lucky break there with a yellow with only three laps on tires, so we were able to kind of cycle to the front. Once we got up there, we could maintain pace with some of the good cars and have a good top three speed race car. Just kind of flip-flopped the race a little bit.

Good fortunes for us. Nice to come out here with a P2 after a win last week.

Q. Three wins to this point in the season as we head into the off week. This team is really stringing together some good runs. How close are you guys to be able to make a run towards Phoenix this year?

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if I want an off week. Let’s go, right? We’re rolling right now.

It would be a good break for everybody to kind of regroup and refocus and set in for the last 18 in a row.

All in all, just real proud of the guys and the communication and the way they’re able to go to work and kind of work through some of our issues and try to improve on what I need to be able to feel in a race car to be able to put out finishes like that.

If we can keep doing those things, we’ll be a force.