Transcripts: Kyle Larson – Frontstretch Interview – North Wilkesboro Speedway

  1. Kyle, you swept the weekend, this weekend, this moment and this racetrack. What does this one mean?

KYLE LARSON: I can’t even tell you what it means. This is my third All-Star win and my third different track. In an historical place like that, you guys and the crowd made this weekend so awesome. We could feel the atmosphere all weekend.

So much fun there. That was old-school ass whipping for sure. We had a great car on the long run there and was just thinking for sure there was going to be a caution. I got out to a big lead and I could see everybody’s cars were driving like crap in front of me, but I cannot thank this 5 team enough. We were God awful all weekend. Practice I was like the worst on 30-lap average, went backwards in a heat race yesterday. You obviously had some strategy work out there in the beginning, but we drove from dead last to the lead and checked out by 12 or 13 seconds. Then just could pace myself there that last run.

What an amazing car. Everything that my car did bad on Friday and Saturday did great today. Again, thanks to the 5 team, Cliff Daniels, Cal Stewart, too. Cal Stewart is our engineer. We bust his balls all the time because every time he’s at the track something bad happens.

This one is for him. I told him the other day, he said he’s going to like five of the next six. I’m like, well, we’re going to win five of the next six at least, so here we go.