Tuesday, Sep 26

Transcripts: Joey Logano - Frontstretch Interview - Atlanta

Q. Joey Logano, finally your first win here at Atlanta. You just got a big hug, your dad ran all the way out here to hug you. How did you guys nail the setup of this car? So many questions coming into it.

JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, first off so special to win Atlanta for me. So many memories of me and my dad racing right here on the quarter mile. This is the full circle for us. So many memories gritting over there with the Legends car, racing, having a big time.

Dreaming of going straight at the quarter mile and going on to the big track. That was always the dream to do it. To finally win here means so much to me here personally, but the team. The Auto Trader Mustang.

This thing was an animal. Very, very fast. Able to lead a ton of laps, race really hard there at the end, get a good push from the 20 to clear myself. Enough of a push to get in.

Huge victory. Nice to get one early in the season. Always feels better. But what a great day for us.

Q. You dominated today, but came down to the decisions on the last few laps. Take us through what it's like in this high-speed chess match, the patience and commitment from your spotter to get it done.

JOEY LOGANO: Coleman is amazing. He's the best spotter on the roof by a longshot. Gave me great information the whole time to be able to make the right moves on the racetrack. He understands it so well, that on top of the car that Paul gave me. A really special race team to be able to maximize what we had here today. Fast car, great team.



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