Trackhouse Racing Music Video: “99 Problems But the Pits Ain’t One”

Trackhouse Racing’s Kenyatta (Kap) Houston along with help from fellow pit crew members Josh Bush and Breanna O’Leary released a music video today “99 Problems but the Pits Ain’t One” filmed entirely at the race shop.

The video serves as a sendoff to drivers Daniel Suárez and Ross Chastain who race at Phoenix Raceway on Sunday in the final race of the 2022 NASCAR Cup season.

Suárez is aiming for his first top-10 points finish in his career while Chastain is part of the final four drivers battling for a championship for the second-year race team owned by Justin Marks and partnered with international superstar Pitbull.

Trackhouse Chevrolets own three wins, 20 top-10 and 33 top-5 finishes in the 2022 season in just its first year as a multicar team. 

Houston, a long time NASCAR pit crew member, wrote and recorded the song. The song is available on a variety of streaming platforms.

Artist: Kap Houston 

Song: 99 Prob_1


 Lyrics to “99 Problems But the Pits Ain’t One”

“Listen, when you at the bottom, people call you the underdog they think you the underdog because you at the bottom, But we going straight to the top, we top dogs today, we kings”

I’m a king sometimes I feel like I’m Petty

In the pits living my dream I don’t think that they ready

Pace lap take the green going hard in my Chevy

Keep talking leave you scattered on the floor like confetti

I’m making laps around the states and I’m still holding steady

I’m number one and left a nasty taste in your belly

Project 91 I just might pull up with Andretti

I’m Gucci y’all just lost in the sauce like spaghetti

Tryna put Kap in a box man we ain’t playing skellies

Guess they thought I was gone stop but Papoose on the celly

Thought the call was gon drop but Hip-Hop gon connect me

Man I might mess around and do a feature with Nelly

I’m number 1

I got 99 problems but the pits ain’t 1

I’m still on my grind probably cause I get it done

Opportunity hits if you blink then it’s gone

We gon get this party started 4,3,2,1


Yeah I’m Kap Houston but I ain’t cappin’ though

Get my denero con seis zeros, rapido

No questions, Don’t even ask me what I’m rappin’ fo’

I spit hot lava my guy I got that fire flow

And my visions be vivid so welcome to the show

I’m a king in my city so welcome to the Mo’

If opportunity knocks then let em’ through the do’

So many places I been, I don’t know where to go

I’m tryna make my decisions like meenie, mynie, moe

I’m a giant I crushed them like fee, fi, foe

They like Kap you killin’ em’ let em’ die slow

Don’t know what to do with them bodies then let em’ hit the flo’



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