Transcript: Chase Briscoe – Pit Road Interview – Martinsville Speedway

Q. Chase, what more maybe could you have done to hold off the newer tires?

CHASE BRISCOE: Yeah, I probably needed less laps, that would have been nice. If I would have known that move Ross did, I move done that (laughter).

Yeah, we were obviously on a lot older tire there. Thought there for a little bit I was going to be okay. I just fell off a cliff pretty hard. I should have used the wall. Pretty good deal to use there.

I thought about it in the past but was never brave enough to do it. I couldn’t hold those guys off with new tires. I just didn’t have the forward drive or even the side to hold them off. Knew when the 6 got to me, I was going to be in trouble. At that point I was so much slower than those guys, they were just able to drive through me.

Proud of our team. We were in position at the end to potentially capitalize on it. Just the penalty at the beginning buried us. Win as a team, lose as a team. These guys have kept me in the Playoffs giving me positions on pit road.

Go to Phoenix next week and see if we can win.

Q. You were right there. What were you thinking when you saw Ross go up into the corner like that?

CHASE BRISCOE: He was behind me. Probably 10 car lengths behind me. My spotter told me I think he was needing a point. I saw him coming, I was like, oh, my gosh, he’s cleaning me out here, coming wide open. I saw him go to the wall. I was pretty amazed. I was just cringing when he got to the gate off of four.

I think all of us have done it on some video games, whatnot. He executed it well. Curious to see what kind worm hole that opens up at the end of these races going forward.