Transcript: Tyler Reddick – Frontstretch Interview – Bristol Motor Speedway

Q. Tyler, what was that like tonight?

TYLER REDDICK: Frustrating for sure. We just — I don’t know, we thought qualifying was better for us in our Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Chevy, but we didn’t quite have the pace or the balance really to make our car better, and unfortunately the balance issues we were fighting, we were pretty much limited.

We couldn’t really adjust on it without hurting downforce of the car overall, so we were kind of boxed in. Then we just kind of got collected in that accident back there. I checked up in time, but yeah, I got absolutely ran over from there. Caught the right front and broke the upper control arm for the second week in a row.

Q. Tyler, how crazy is it when — I don’t know if you were sure or not sure if it was organizational, manufacturer, whatever, with all the different problems that were happening out there?

TYLER REDDICK: I mean, I heard about it, but I don’t know, this place is tough on the drivers. It’s tough on the cars. It’s one of those type of places. You never know how it’s going to go.