Friday, Dec 01

Transcript: Denny Hamlin Pit Road Interview - Kansas Speedway

Q. Denny Hamlin, the driver, finishes second. Denny Hamlin, the owner, wins. What's the emotions right now?

DENNY HAMLIN: It's been a good overall day. Still frustrated about the first half of the race. We just aren't executing all that well, but got to thank Acumatica for coming on. If you want to improve your business, they can help you do it.

Thank you for them coming on for Kansas. Really happy for our 11 Toyota team. They fought hard. They really stepped up that last half. We made the car quite a bit better. Just really happy about the outcome and really happy for that 45 team and Bubba Wallace and Bootie. Bubba has just really worked hard on his craft, and we've just given him fast race cars, and now he is showing what he has got.

Q. If you could have caught him, you would you have tried to pass him?

DENNY HAMLIN: I nearly wrecked to catch him off of four. I got loose and hit the fence. I was driving as hard as I could. Nothing will ever come free when you are driving for me. If you think I'm going to let you win, you better get another job.

Proud of my team. Great for Root Insurance as well. Thankful for their support. Just what a great day overall for Toyota.

Q. You can tell Denny Hamlin, range of emotions there, guys.



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