Monday, Dec 04

Toyota Racing NCS Daytona Race Quotes -- Denny Hamlin

What happened going into turn one?

“We ran into rain in the middle of turn one and just lost it.


Is there anything that could have been done?

“Just throw the caution before the rain came. We had rain down the front. So about 10 seconds before we got into turn one, it was raining. I’m sure the fans felt it and then they watched us all pile in there.”


Are you okay after that impact?

“Just shook mostly. The hit was just massive. It was my first one in this Next Gen and it was legit.”


How was your race car today?

“We were super-fast. I thought I made the right moves at the right time and I got to the lead at the right time, but also a bad time because we were the first ones to get to the rain.”


What can be done moving forward to keep this from happening again?

“Better officiating, that’s all we can do. Like New Hampshire, we’ll learn from this for sure.”


Is there anything specific that hurts after that hit?

“No, just my whole body. My jaw hurts. I feel like my jaw is one of those boxers that gets their whole face demolished. It was certainly the first real big one I’ve had in this car and everything they’ve been telling us, all the other drivers, it’s legit.”




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