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Ford Performance NASCAR: Brad Keselowski Daytona Accident Quotes

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 6 Castrol Ford Mustang – “Somebody wrecked in front of me.  I’m not really sure exactly what happened, but there were just a bunch of cars wrecking in front of me.  I didn’t have anywhere to go and couldn’t slow down in time, so I hate it for our team.  We had a really fast race car.  We were working our way to the front, but we’ll cheer on Chris Buescher now, I guess.”


DID THE ACCIDENT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE TIME OF THE RACE?  WAS THE TRACK SLICKER THAN USUAL?  “Maybe, maybe not.  I didn’t actually see what happened.  I just know that they wrecked in front of me and I could slow down and ran into it.  We beat the front end up and weren’t able to get it fixed.  It’s a bummer for everybody on the RFK No. 6 with Castrol on board.  We had a good car and a shot to win today if we could just not get wrecked and to get wrecked so early on in the race, we never had a chance to show it.  It’s a big bummer.”



SO YOU FELT CONFIDENT IN YOUR CAR?  “Yeah, we were pretty good.  We had a shot to run for it today and never got a chance to show it.”


CAN YOU GET MORE AGGRESSIVE THE NEXT 10 WEEKS AND TRY SOME THINGS?   “Not really.  We’re doing all the same things.  There’s no aggression left that we haven’t shown.”


HOW FRUSTRATING IS IT TO BE OUT SO EARLY?  “It’s frustrating, but whenever your season is down to one race you’ve got a lot more going on than just that one race.  Our team put a lot of effort into getting this car ready.  They brought a great car, so I hurt for them that we didn’t get a chance to show it.”


THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2013 YOU WON’T BE IN CHAMPIONSHIP MODE.  “I’m not thinking about it that way.  I’m just focused on getting better with our own team every day.”

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