Thursday, Mar 30

Transcript: Daniel Suárez - Frontstretch Interview Sonoma

Q. This has already been quite the celebration. Daniel Suarez, since you won your Xfinity Series championship, it has been a long road here in the Cup Series, different teams, a lot of heartbreak. How do you put into words the race you had today?

DANIEL SUAREZ: It's crazy day. I have so many thoughts in my head right now. I mean, it's been a rough road. It's been a rough journey in the Cup Series.

These guys believe in me, Trackhouse Racing, Justin Marks, Ty Norris. Everyone that helped me to get in this point. I lot of people in Mexico: Jay Morales, Carlos Slim. My family, they never give up on me. A lot of people did, but they didn't (tearing up).

Just very happy we were able to make it work.

Q. I mentioned different teams. Trackhouse, seemed like magic from the moment you started together. What has been different about this team for you?

DANIEL SUAREZ: Their energy. They believe in me since day one. They believe in me. All the people, all the resources to make it happen.

We have Daniel's Amigos over there. (Expletive) yeah.

Q. Talk to those Daniel's Amigos over there and all the Daniel's Amigos watching on TV. Tell them in Spanish what you're feeling just now.

DANIEL SUAREZ: (Answer in Spanish.) This is the first one of many.



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