Thursday, Mar 30

Transcript: Tyler Reddick Pit Road Interview

Q. Tyler, a good race car all weekend long, all day long. Just a little bit short at the end.

TYLER REDDICK: I thought we got a good launch considering all things going right there into one. I know about how deep I could drive it in turn one all day. I thought I got pretty good heat in the tires. I still overstepped it. I couldn't have drove it any deeper than I did. I still thought I was going to get him in the fence. Chase was able to drive it off in there, clear, high, take the lead.

It was a lot of fun. Great to claw back from the hiccup we had earlier in the race. Everyone on this team did a really good job all day. One little miscue that took us from second to 12th. My pit crew did an amazing job, had a good restart at the end to put ourselves in position.

It was a fun day. Nice way to recover from a mistake that late in the race, be battling for the win. Great day. We'll see what else we can learn from this and see what lies ahead.



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