MotorTrend’s NASCAR 2020: Under Pressure gives viewers an exclusive, in-depth look at this year’s extraordinary NASCAR season

Never in the seven decades of stock car racing has there been a season in the NASCAR Cup Series™ like 2020. Beginning with a dramatic start at the DAYTONA 500 in February, drivers, teams and owners made history by being the first major American sport to safely return from the COVID-19 global pandemic shutdown. Additionally, NASCAR reinforced its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, standing at the forefront of professional sports’ equality and social change movement. Through it all, competitors continue to push the limits of man, machine and speed in a thrilling chase for a soon to be awarded championship. 


As NASCAR comes down the season’s backstretch, MotorTrend’s all-new docuseries NASCAR 2020: UNDER PRESSURE, premiering Saturday, October 31 only on the MotorTrend App, offers fans an all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes moments on and off the track that have defined and will define this year’s NASCAR Cup Series™ season. NASCAR 2020: UNDER PRESSURE features the drivers who shaped the season’s most compelling storylines as the field battled for racing’s biggest prize – the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.


“Our audience craves stories deeply rooted in their automotive interests but that also offer something beyond what is under the hood,” said Alex Wellen, global president and general manager, MotorTrend Group. “This docuseries puts fans in the driver’s seat, providing them with a full view of what it’s like competing in NASCAR during what became the sport’s most transformative, challenging season ever. We’re excited to share NASCAR 2020: UNDER PRESSURE with the world.”


“It’s been a truly remarkable year for NASCAR and this new docuseries from MotorTrend will tell the story of this season through the lens of our leaders and drivers who made it happen,” said Tim Clark, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, NASCAR. “For our fans, it’s an inside look at how NASCAR overcame significant challenges to create one of the more memorable seasons in our history.”


Premiering weekly beginning Saturday, October 31 on the MotorTrend App, each episode of NASCAR 2020: UNDER PRESSURE takes viewers inside and beyond race day as top drivers deal with unprecedented uncertainty. Additionally, the series goes behind-the-scenes of operational decisions in Race Control and during race prep as drivers and teams compete for one of 16 coveted playoff spots, staving off elimination and chasing the ultimate prize – the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Championship. The first episode, “Hit the Brakes,” picks up following an electrifying DAYTONA 500 with a string of west coast races in full swing. Then in early March, NASCAR decides to press pause on the season as the COVID-19 pandemic causes shutdowns across the sports landscape. The NASCAR family rallies together to find a way to safely return to racing.


In the second episode, “We Stand United,” debuting on Saturday, November 7, Bubba Wallace, the lone Black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, leads the sport through the national conversation about racial justice as NASCAR moves to enact change, beginning with the ban of the confederate flag. Thrilling races at Martinsville Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway ramp up the intensity of the summer stretch as NASCAR’s stance on diversity, inclusion and social change brings new fans to the sport.


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