FAS Joins Nemechek in Daytona for Last Chance at the Playoffs

Nemechek on Daytona:
“I think this weekend at Daytona is going to be intense for sure. Everyone is going to be driving as hard as they can, making moves that they might not have at Talladega or the previous Daytona race, since it’s everyone’s last shot to get into the Playoffs. It’s going to be a fun race, but you’ve got to keep your nose clean and not get caught up in a wreck in order to make it to the end. I’m sure with it being the cutoff race, there will be even more wrecks. 
“We have FAS back on our No. 38 Ford Mustang this weekend. They’ve been a great supporter and I’m proud to represent them on track. I know my team will set up a great car as we head into the weekend. We will do everything we can during the race to set ourselves up for the end and get into a position to win and make it into the Playoffs.”