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Hard to find trouble at Pocono

NASCAR Wire Service Saturday, Jun 09 2016


It's been an unusual week for drivers and their teams at Pocono -- five days at the same track versus a three-day weekend. Two days of testing extended the stay, but Matt Kenseth wasn't worried about his crewmen getting into trouble during an extended visit to the quiet, bucolic mountains of Pennsylvania.

"I'd be more concerned about my team if we were in Vegas for five days," Kenseth said. "I don't know what they're going to do here -- hike themselves to death? I'm not too worried about those guys.

It's been all right being here. There's not a lot going on. I've enjoyed the couple days of testing, and it's been fun to get on the track and try some stuff. We don't get to test at any places we really get to race, so I've enjoyed that."





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