Two-Time Cup Series Champion Kyle Busch Launches Rowdy Energy Drink

This week, two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch launched Rowdy Energy, his very own line of energy drinks that were created with a proprietary Enhanced Performance Energy formula. Rowdy not only delivers consumers amazing taste, but has leading edge sugar reduction ingredients, precise time-released caffeine and also provides an excellent source of electrolytes that exceed the levels of leading sports drink brands.
Busch collaborated with successful beverage entrepreneur Jeff Church to bring consumers Rowdy Energy ( Church co-founded the health and wellness brand, Suja Juice in 2012 and similarly disrupted the category by launching more than 200 products in seven years. Church said, “Kyle and I were both aligned that if we’re going to do this, then the foundation has to be built on disrupting the Energy and Sports Drink categories.”
“I had a mission to bring a cleaner and more functional alternative into the category that provides energy, hydration and key nutrients that are often times difficult to get into our diets,” Busch said. “With the team that we have in place, we’ve created a product that we feel will stand out in the current market because our proprietary sweetener system gives consumers the choice of either a natural sugar-based Rowdy Energy with 60% less sugar than leading energy drink brands or a zero sugar Rowdy Energy that is KETO Certified, a first in the industry.”