Friday, Dec 01

Carl Edwards post Talladega wreck quote

WHAT HAPPENED? “It looked like guys were running out of fuel and going down in there in turn three the guys in front of me stopped and it was just over. We got wrecked. This is Talladega. You come here and you just hope you make it through all that stuff. We have done a really good job the last couple years. When people run out of fuel like that – I don’t know if they miscalculated their fuel mileage or if they were stretching it but that was really tough. I probably should have just pulled out of line and gotten back when I noted people were running out of fuel.”

PEOPLE ON THE RADIO WERE SAYING MAYBE THIS HAS TO DO WITH EFI. “Yeah, I mean the cars were running out of fuel and with the new fuel system I am sure everyone will look at it. I don’t think they expected to run out of fuel. It is just frustrating. Our Fastenal Fusion was good. The Fords were really good and I wish we had a chance to be out there racing for the win.”

HOW WERE YOUR TEMPS ALL DAY? “My temperatures were great all day. We didn’t have any trouble. That was a long wreck. It started, I hit the wall and thought we were done and then somebody hit me from the rear. People were definitely rushing to get to that wreck.”

IS THIS JUST ANOTHER DAY AT TALLADEGA CARL? “Yeah, we have had a lot better luck than this lately here. I was hoping it wouldn’t end up like this. It is too bad but we will just go race at Darlington.”


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