Blake Koch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Form New Partnership In FilterTime®

Former NASCAR drivers Blake Koch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. today announced a new partnership in FilterTime®, a company that provides homeowners and business owners an easy and affordable path to receiving and replacing air filters.

The brainchild of Koch, FilterTime® is a subscription-based service that delivers customized air filters straight to the customer, essentially removing the arduous planning, shopping and hassle of air-filter replacement.

To get started, FilterTime® customers simply log on to to complete a one-time process of choosing their filters and setting their delivery schedule. They’ll begin receiving new filters every one, two or three months, depending on their preference and average life cycle of a filter. Shipping is free.

“Air filters are so important to your heating and cooling systems, but they can also be a pain,” said Koch. “FilterTime® eliminates the hassle of remembering to replace these filters. We remind you to replace them by delivering them to you when you need them. Also, keeping them changed at the proper time saves an average of five to 15 percent on heating & cooling bills, so this is not only a necessary service but also a cost-efficient one.”

Koch, who had 213 starts in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and six starts in the NASCAR Cup Series from 2009-17, became passionate about this new business endeavor shortly after his racing career. It was Koch’s passion and strategy that became interesting to Earnhardt, already an established business owner with JR Motorsports, Whisky River, Dirty Mo Media, and his automotive dealerships. Earnhardt retired from full-time racing in 2017 after 20 years in NASCAR’s top two touring series, a successful stretch that included 50 victories, two Daytona 500 wins and 15 consecutive Most Popular Driver awards.

“I’m a homeowner, and I know how hard it can be to remember to change your filters on a regular basis,” said Earnhardt. “FilterTime® is a great concept, and Blake has a lot of enthusiasm for it, so I look forward to watching it grow and being partners with him on it.”

In approaching Earnhardt with the idea, Koch gained a partner whose reach will immediately impact the growth of the company as well as its potential reach among consumers.

“Dale was the partner that I wanted,” Koch said. “His fan base is the typical FilterTime® customer, the everyday person who works hard at maintaining his/her home. He’s the best at branding and marketing and has resources in Dirty Mo Media and JR Motorsports. He has a desire to win at everything he does.”

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