David Ragan Martinsville Preview

Ragan on Martinsville

“Martinsville is such a fun weekend for me. If I had to pick any racetrack on the schedule that I enjoy racing at the most, Martinsville is probably it. You can kind of throw out a lot of your aero platform and your splitter height variation and a lot of things that we work on at mile-and-a-half tracks. It’s still important but not nearly as important as mechanical grip. It’s a more old-fashioned approach of getting your car low, getting it turning well, working on forward drive. 

“I feel like I can help with the set-up there, and I understand more about what it takes in a racecar to go fast. Man, that’s a fun race. I look forward to the ‘Paperclip.’ It’s a great stop on our schedule in the closing four or five races to determine a champion.”

Meet David
– Saturday, Oct. 28, 8pm – Martinsville Speedway FanFest (The Plaza, Martinsville Speedway)
– Sunday, Oct. 29, 10:30am – Ford Performance Display (Martinsville Speedway Fan Zone)