Cole Whitt Secures 24th Place Finish in No. 72 at Kansas Speedway

Stage 1
Cole Whitt qualified 35th to start the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway
Lap 20: Running 34th, Whitt has fallen a lap down from the leader and reported the No. 72 was tight on exit and had no front grip
Lap 30: Competition Caution: Whitt related he was spinning out, out of the race track and the rear was out of control. He pitted for four tires, fuel, wedge and air pressure adjustments, rubbers added to left rear and tape on the grille
Caution Lap 48 (incident): Whitt was scored 34th, one lap down from the leader. Relayed he was struggling with overall grip, he pitted for four tires, fuel and a round of wedge out of the left rear. He restarted 32nd, one lap down
Caution Lap 78 (fluid on track / Stage 1 Completion Caution): Whitt completed Stage 132nd, two laps down from the leader. He expressed the No. 72 was dead sideways and had a possible vibration. He pitted for four tires, fuel, rubber added to left rear, air pressure and wedge adjustments
Stage 2
Lap 100: The handling of the No. 72 had become more tight but freed up over the next five laps, with Whitt stating it was taking off randomly
Lap 130: Whitt came in for a green flag pit stop receing four tires, fuel and wedge adjustment, placing him to return to the field 32nd, three laps down
Caution Lap 157: Whitt was 33rd and had fallen four laps down. Thought he No. 72 was edgy in the right rear, Crew Chief Frank Kerr made the call to keep Whitt out on track to take the wave around
Stage 2 Completion Caution: Lap 160: Whitt completed the stage 32nd, three laps down. He pitted the No. 72 for four tires and fuel
Stage 3
Started Stage 3, 32nd, three laps down
Caution Lap 176 (incident): Scored 32nd, three laps down, Whitt relayed the handling had become a lot looser.
Caution Lap 189: Feels free and can’t trust the rear was the feedback from Whitt. He pitted for four tires, fuel and air pressure adjustment
Upon taking the green flag restart on lap 192, the field had just returned to speed when another caution occurred on lap 194
The field returned to green on lap 197 when on lap 199 a multi-car incident brought out the red flag and stopped the field to clear the track. Whitt navigated the No. 72 through the incident and came out unscathed. When the red flag was lifted, Whitt pitted under caution for four tires and fuel, placing him to take the green flag restart 27th, three laps down
For the remainder of Stage 3, Whitt continued to run in the top-30 and inched his way up to the top-25 of the field
He remained consistent in his efforts and secured a 24th place finish in the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway
Tristar PR
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