Ford Daytona Preseason Test – Day 2 (Carl Edwards)

Carl Edwards participated in a NASCAR encouraged pack session to start the afternoon testing at Daytona International Speedway Friday afternoon. Edwards talked about what that was like and what may come from it.

Carl Edwards, No. 60 Fastenal Ford Fusion – WHAT WAS THE BIG PACK LIKE? “It is about half way to the old pavement, the feel of it. You drive down the corner and my Fastenal Fusion was sliding just a little. I didn’t really have to lift off the throttle. I went looking for John Darby and couldn’t find him and then I came back to the car and he was actually over here so that was nice of him to come by. We talked a little bit about that and I guess there is a lot on the table right now of things they could adjust. I think if the cars were either just a little faster or had a little less grip then we would get to that old Daytona feel where you would get in the corner and have to lift a little bit.  I guess there are a lot of things being discussed with RPM, plate size, rev limiters, down force and all this stuff. That is what testing is for and I am glad NASCAR is trying all this stuff to let us see what may happen.”

WHAT DID YOU SEE OUT OF WATER TEMP THERE? WAS THAT ANYTHING THAT CHANGED OTHER THAN THE TWO CAR TANDEM? “No, we were real low on water temp. I think until you really get right up against that car in front of you water temp is not a factor. It doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.”

WE HAVE HAD A CONSENSUS SO FAR THAT TWO CARS AT THIS POINT STILL COULD PROBABLY PULL AWAY AND IN THE LAST FIVE LAPS WE ARE LOOKING AT THAT. DO YOU THINK WE COULD NARROW THAT DOWN SOME WITH SOME MULTI-CARS BEING ABLE TO CHASE DOWN TWO OR WILL IT STILL LEAN THAT WAY? “Okay, let’s look at this realistically. Two cars, unless there is some major change in physics or car design, are going to be faster. Unless you make it such that you have to slow down for the corner or you limit the RPM. I personally would prefer for them to make the cars drive in a way that you have to lift a little for the corner in that two-car draft. It would separate the cars and keep guys from running off. I don’t know how you are going to take this race, with this restrictor plate, and keep it from being the winner wins by being in a two-car draft. It is very difficult. I don’t envy NASCAR’s position but I think they are doing the right thing going through all these motions and trying to figure this out.”

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