Monday, Jan 30

"Lone Ranger" Austin Dillon Finds Track Position Despite Lack of Teammates in Clash

"It's hard to be the Lone Ranger out there. If you look at the race, the top five were all team cars and I didn't have a teammate in the race or anybody to work with. I am really proud that I was able to run up there with those cars knowing how important it is to have help. I was involved in the wreck at the end so I ended up cutting the right-front tire and that caused us to limp home to a 12th-place finish.  Overall, though, it was a good run.  I learned a lot and I thought I drafted pretty well.  This was a good start for our Dow Chevrolet team. We learned things that we can use during both the Duel's and Sunday's Daytona 500."
- Austin Dillon

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