NASCAR Transcripts:- Tyler Reddick Pit Lane Interview – 7.7.24

Q. So close once again, two weeks in a row. Tyler, it looked like you were on the slicks, you were catching the 48 car and you got in the wall in Turn 5. What happened there?

TYLER REDDICK: Yeah, you pretty much said it. We were catching Alex by a large margin there, and — I don’t know, that puzzles me. I clearly just screwed up. Trying to stay in the dry groove and I had more than enough of dry groove, as I’m seeing right behind you. I cut the wheel a little too hard.

Just not focused enough, I guess. I knew I was going to get to him. I knew the earlier I could get to him the more options I was going to have. It was going to get a little bit more slick off line beyond Turn 8.

Yeah, just didn’t even give ourselves a shot to race him, unfortunately, with that. Hate it. Not what this Jordan Brand Toyota Camry is about, that’s not what this team is about. We’ve got to start capitalizing and getting these wins.