NASCAR Transcripts: Joey Logano – Frontstretch Interview – Nashville

Q. An insane finish here at Nashville Superspeedway. How confident were you that it would actually react and have fuel in it on that final overtime?

JOEY LOGANO: That’s a good question for Paul, but I know into 3, my fuel light came on and it stumbled across the line. That was definitely all of it.

But so proud of this Shell-Pennzoil Mustang team. It’s been a stressful few weeks trying to get into the playoffs, and being able to win here is huge for our season. Felt great to get that. Boy, it feels good.

I’m out of breath. We had it won off of 4 and then the caution came out, and I was like, oh, my God, but you can’t pit. You’ve kind of got to go for it. Boy, it was close.

But we’ve got to give a lot of credit to Roush Yates, not only building horsepower but building fuel mileage. That’s what won today.

Q. Knowing this was your shot, what were you willing to do to keep Tyler Reddick behind you?

JOEY LOGANO: Drive all over the racetrack apparently, but I had to. He had tires there, so just had to make different moves and go different places, and I’ll tell you what, I went into 3 and I saw that light, and I’m like, oh, no, I’m run out off of 4. It just stumbled and spit and sputtered across the line there. Somehow I had enough for a little bit of a burnout, but I’m going to need a push back.

Q. I could tell the relief in your voice when you said, thank goodness. How much pressure, can you describe it, this takes off the 22 team?

JOEY LOGANO: So much pressure. Trying to make the playoffs is not easy these days with these Next-Gen cars and everyone is so equally matched. I made a lot of mistakes, even some tonight, and it’s nice to be able to overcome. I’ve just got to thank Shell-Pennzoil, Hunt Brothers Pizza, AAA, Ford, everyone that helps support us all the way through, Coca-Cola. This is a much-needed win for sure.